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    About Project C13 - Original animatic storyboard

    Welcome to the official casting call page for the ambitious original animatic project C13!

    The voices cast here will be used in soundscapes that will serve as foundations for some of the scenes in the animatic. 

    Compensation is based on the amount of lines that character has.

    You will be paid via Paypal.

    There is foul language, blood, violence, and sexual content.

    The deadline for voice auditions is indefinite.

    Please don't submit poor quality audio.

    This includes, but isn't limited to:

    Lots of white noise

    ANY background noise


    Anything harsh and painful to listen to

    No echoing

    Please do not add FX to your auditions

    Please don’t  audition for roles outside of your vocal range


    I've been developing the story and characters for about a decade and am ecstatic to present them to you.
    Over the years, many incarnations of the story and characters have manifested through various mediums.


    Cyn's world is turned upside down when her mom suddenly vanishes. She sets out to find her, only to find herself submerged in an abstract reality and surrounded by equally abstract individuals. Luckily, she manages to make some friends, who help her navigate from one strange place to the next, in search of her mom.

    A great video on the basics of voice acting and audio equipment.

    "Big disclaimo: If you're into voice acting as a fun hobby, and don't actually want be good, leave, 'cause no one's got time for your ass."

    Dearly rejected,

    Many of the rejected auditions were great performances, but not the voice I'm looking for.
    A lot of the auditions for Cyn were rejected simply because they didn't sound like a child's voice.
    Additionally, many auditions didn't meet my standard of audio quality.

    A million thanks for auditioning!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold