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About Naruto Revolution

(This is a long post, Almost) Hello people! I am making a casting call for my  "Remake Fan-Fiction Visual Novel' of Naruto Revolution (This story is my take after Naruto married Hinata two months later and following Gaara) . I've been a Youtuber for almost five years (Started in 2012) now who create Fan-fiction in the forms of Visual Novels. These past five years has taught me a lot about myself and after improving my writing and video editing skills. I think it's time to add voice acting to the Remake of the first series I have ever done (Which is currently on-going, finishing part 1 and heading to the sequel).

But enough of that! It's now to talk about the casting. This will be a pretty decent to big cast totaling over 15+ roles (Maybe even more, got to make sure in my script)  and I like to treat this series like a movie or TV show and not just very random events happen that fans made or cringe worthy content. I take my work VERY seriously and absolutely more sure that story and characters is on point and logical as it can be. I DON'T RUSH MY WORK, SO YOU DON'T RUSH YOUR WORK EITHER!

This remake will have two seasons (Each has 15 episodes. Average about 3 to 10 minute videos) Once we finish the first season around April or May, I will put season 2 on hold until I finish my sequel season (That is on hold until I finish season 1 remake, but I did thought about putting actors on that one in the end) Once I finish that season we will be going to season 2 around the end of the 2018.

Once the cast is decided, I will want to at least hear from you guys at least once a week (Just to make sure everything is good and you guys being safe) But if you guys want to contact me more than once that is fine, but be beware I'm in College and may take a awhile to respond back for feedback or constructive criticism (From me or you, this is a group. We all work together)

Now the characters, this is a Crossover original series that is set in the Narutoverse. (Yeah a lot I know) Some characters are original from me while some characters are from Naruto and other series (Other anime) and again I like to treat the characters like they are in a movie/TV show. There will be A LOT of characters that I want YOU try out in your imagination  (I am really interested on your guys voice choices on most of these characters) while there will be other characters that will have my criteria to it or I want to have it as close to the original character voice. The ten that is in cast right now is just  a preview, I will add more cast characters in the next few days.

UPDATE (4/26/18) I have decided to add one more audition to this series. You will NOT be involve in part 1, but a main character in part 2 and 3.  This role is only for females.  BE AWARE that if you are selected for this role. it's going to be a  while before you officially get your lines (Timetable is about August or September)

UPDATE (5/23/18) Two men parts for part two has been open! (There are more men parts, but it's still to early released them yet.) Come and try auditioning!

This is your director speaking, Good luck!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold