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About RowenR9

Hey I'm Rohan Lawrence. I'm a singer who every so often does mostly anime vocal covers. I'm also a pretty hardcore theater geek. My T.V shows range from the silly like Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir and Steven Universe to the more mature like Tokyo Ghoul and Avatar the Last Airbender. I wanted to get into voice acting after watching enough fan dubs. I'm still new but I'm looking to prove myself and have a blast while doing so. My preference will be doing voices for anime and video game character but I'm open to anything that looks promising.

  • @insecurebagel

    Hey! I just heard your singing audition for a group on here. I auditioned for it too actually. I was super impressed and think you have a really great voice! I'm in a three (soon to be four) person cover group called Blanket (because blankets are also called covers) and we're looking for a strong male singer to join us! It would be really cool if you're interested because we're really interested in you! :) Thanks for your consideration!

  • @league-of-retired-evil

    As a singer and voice actor, RowenR9 has shown experience in not just his execution but also his knowledge in reverb and perfecting high-quality audio. His performance for Norm the Genie's lyrics in 'Gimme the Wand' was phenomenal, as he achieved such harmony with me in the duet.
    I hope to work with him again, whether to do another song together or if it will be a fan-dub.

  • @arielz83

    Rowen casted me on a Monday, sent me my audio a few hours later and I had submitted that evening. Rowen already has released the final video a day later. He is professional, kind, talented and very quick with turnover rate. I would work with Rowen again in a heartbeat.

  • @arielz83

    This is my second time working with RowenR9 (The first being in his First Date/Last Night duet), but my first time as his director. RowenR9 has a near immediate turnover rate! He works quickly, efficiently and has a beautiful voice to boot. I am so pleased to have been able to use his talents as Dmitry in my "Quartet at the Ballet" piece from Anastasia. I would love to work with him again!