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    About Mentally Sick In Love Season 1

    Hello! I am Fia, a member of Mentally Sick In Love, a YouTube series That I'm doing with my friend, • ZoeyMMD •

    • Mentally Sick In Love (MSIL) Season 1 is an MMD and WEBTOON series about a teenage girl, Ayaka Ketsueki, that is falling into a dangerous harem because of her charms. She meets her childhood friends, Kojou Fumetsuno and Akuno Fumetsuno. The school later reveals that her school and Kojou and Akuno's school are collaborating. And a few school days in she meets lots of new boys that may look innocent, but are just bringing trouble to her. The schools are collaborating due to a government test. The test is to see how the immortal's can handle being around human's again after 5 years however, they have made laws about this "project" they've done that make it strict that the Vampire's, WereWolves, Incubus, Succubus, and Witches cannot use their powers on the humans, for there safety they've placed many facility members and some guards around the school except the delinquent area for some mysterious reason... Ayaka Later on in the school year meets this guy that harassed her named Izumi Hijōshiki, His father and Ayaka's mother were in the same high school when they were younger and Ayaka was forced to be Izumi's girlfriend in order to save her mom and sister and when Ayaka told Izumi he was insane to follow his father's footsteps he bit her to the point it left a scar on her neck after a while Izumi was bitten by a vampire and now he's a Vampire, Incubus, Wizard Hybrid. however, the other boy's and Ayaka's other friends Rushiki, Nashito and Rina won't stand Izumi's Behavior around Gakkō Kyōiku Highschool and are determined to put a stop to it can they do it? Can they defeat a powerful immortal like Izumi?

    We are in need of staff for this project. Please apply if you feel like you are good enough!


    • Discord or email 

    • If MMD Animator, Experienced with good feedback.

    • If Music Composer, Experienced and original.

    • If Voice Actor, Experienced and good quality with little to no background noise.

    Basically, if you are experienced in what you are doing and you get good feedback on your activities then please apply!


    More info:
    Email: DM me for it.

    For Voice Actors:
    We have a lot of characters that need voices, so if you think you can manage to voice two or even more it would be great! Please send in your voice file via discord or email. It's better if you go by discord since most of our stuff is in the chats. If you need the email please message me via CastingCallClubs DM's.

    NOTES: The video linked to this Casting Call is an old one and is NOT what Mentally Sick In Love is planned to look like. Furthermore info on the discord chat and email. Also, Mentally Sick In Love is not ANYWHERE near done. This series is in much progress and we still do a lot of improvements and editing to the series. 

    The Casting call will continue until we've found every voice actor we need!

    Thank you for reading and applying! <3

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold