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About Phantexim

I'm currently an amateur hoping to use this site as a practice run for my future endeavors (although I fully intend to take this "practice" as serious as possible!) While I know that being a Voice Actor may not pan out, I'm going to give it my all and try to make a career out of it!

  • @traintonyt

    For over a year now, myself and Phantexim have been working together on a YouTube series and he's one of my best voice actors for the series so far. He's hard working and fully dedicated to working on any project. If you want anyone on your project, he's your man.

    On the channel, he's known as | Davey Havok |

  • @squnixplay

    I've been working with him since 2018, and all of his voices have always been spot on. He knows how to use his voice to really set the mood and he's one of the best I know.