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Rosey Danes's Previously Completed Works

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About Infinite Sadness (Sonic fan-made)

Infinite Sadness is a tale about what the heck happened to Infinite the Jackal, before and after Sonic Forces.  It plays with the idea of Infinite previously existing in, and ultimately returning to, the Sonic Boom universe.  Though the Boom series is known it’s comedic and light-hearted nature, this narrative is simply what it claims to be… a fairly heavy story, where we learn about who Infinite really is and why.  

Several characters that did not appear in the Boom series, play an important part in the story.  I’ve made genealogical changes, and took a major liberty with a certain dynamic between two leading figures in the series.  These adjustments were established in a previous project titled, Diamond in the Sky. And as with Diamond in the Sky, this a volunteer-oriented project.  The goal is come together and have fun making some experimental Sonic stuff. 

I’m looking for performers who can sincerely emote and are not afraid to try new things with familiar characters.  Therefor, I highly recommend reading the story before auditioning.  Also, keep in mind that this fan fiction is for an older and audience, thus I am asking for 15+ candidates only please.

Read the story here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/206286773-infinite-sadness

About the Creator: RoseyDanes

My background is in music and theatre.  I have performed in black box, art museum, club venue, religious, and outdoor festival environments.  I've also collaborated with other creatives to help realize characters for short film projects.  In addition, I have some commercial audio engineering experience and have done quite a bit of electronic composition.  

My passion is in creating stories with character dynamics that invoke emotive responses from the audience.  I like to bring viewers and listeners to a place of great intent and connection.  My means for doing this is to write music, novelettes and shorts for the stage.  I tend to gravitate toward experimental ideas and like to push the envelope.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold