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About Idyllia

An audio drama adapted from a play written by Jake Lewis and based on the story “Germelshausen," an 1860 story by Friedrich Gerstäcker concerning a cursed village that sank into the earth long ago and is permitted to appear for only one day every century. The protagonist is a young artist (Arnold) who happens to be traversing the area as the town appears. He encounters, and becomes smitten with, a young woman (Gertrude) from Germelshausen (aka "Idyllia"). The romantic tale ends with him leaving the vicinity just in time to avoid becoming entombed with the village and its denizens, but thereby being forever separated from his love. 


This is the tale said to have inspired the musical, Brigadoon.  Actors' performances (with the exception of Arnold) should have a magical, fairy-tale quality to them.

My background is in theater and I tend to direct my VA projects pretty similarly to how I direct my theater projects.  Actors must be willing and able to participate in a few rehearsals prior to recording lines, although schedules and platforms are always flexible (Discord preferred).  I want to hear your best acting chops!

I do care about acting performance more than details of audio quality... but within reason.  All performances should be delivered with a decent quality microphone, free from background noise, clipping, or plosives.  I'm happy to help you with tech stuff if I can - feel free to ask!

PLEASE READ ALL INFO AND DESCRIPTIONS FOR BEST CHANCE OF BEING CAST - The info is included to guide you to deliver an audition that shows best fit, so be sure to heed it!  THANKS and break a leg!

About the Creator: mljones_vo

Meredith Lisa Jones


The human voice is the organ of the soul ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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