Hi! I'm a voice actor looking dive headfirst into voice acting. I'm looking forward to making your characters come to life, whether for animation, podcasting, video games, audio books, or anything else you can throw at me.

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About Junambo

Hello, and welcome! My name is Kody, and I'm looking to get in some serious voice acting work. It's my goal to help as many people on this site as I can to follow through with their passions. To do that, I plan to lend my voice to as many passion projects as I can. 

If you're interested, feel free to reach out to me with your own passion project. You can message me here on CCC, or you can reach me on discord, where my ID is Junambo#6689. I will do everything I can to make your treasured characters come to life!

English Language Film School Japan - 2021

The Actor's Roadmap

Instructed by Lucas Rue


What Junambo is looking for

Original animations, video games, audio dramas, and stories

  • @Nekturius

    Junambo was fantastic to work with, he did an incredible job doing his lines, and he was very kind to talk to. I honestly would recommend him.

  • @jt424

    Kody voiced a firefighter chief in my audiobook "The Elemental Wizards." He delivered his lines quickly and efficiently. He was a natural! I hope gets more voice work in the future!