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About Heretical Tavern - Season 1


Hi there my name is Lucas, and I'm back at it yet again trying to get two very important roles for our comedy/drama mixed series.

But where do you come in? Well I need a few VA's to act dumb and make funny voices. Ever play Dungeons and Dragons? If not no worries but I highly recommend taking a look at the concept of Chaotic Stupid. Why? See Below: 

Our skits take place in a cinematic universe where basically every main character is either Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic stupid. Be it the schizophrenic Artificer with a God Complex, the Sadistic Paladin way too in love with the crusades, the love struck Necromancer just trying to raise a family, and many many more. I'm in need of Voice Actors that can really bring a genuine "I don't give two shits" attitude to these characters. 

Who are we?

We are Heretical Fun House. You can find us on our two primary sites here:

https://www.tiktok.com/@hereticaltavern  (Our Tik Tok where all these dumb vids are uploaded)

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCypW2TiELdqodyKIAwh3i0Q (Our YouTube with skit compilations and story vids)

We make a ton of content that mostly revolves around comedic animations, podcasts, and are even making our first video game. For now though it's a bunch of DnD skits.

Our Tik Tok videos on average reach upwards of about 20,000-50,000 views and our YouTube is just now breaking the 1000 view per vid count. So we're chugging along!


  • No echo or plosives in the mic. Please edit it to how you want this to sound, I do a lot of post work but I can't do a ton if the recording is filled with pops or AC in the back. 
  • Consistency. We have several scripts available and I wanna make sure to hammer them out in batches. I usually have about three a week at max. These are tik tok scripts so less than a minute of dialogue per script. 
  • Have fun. Overall this project for the Tik Tok skits is a short fun little side gig designed to make people laugh. Our characters may be chaotic pains in the ass but we want to make sure at the end of every video people are laughing and having a good time.


- Unlike our previous casting calls these two roles are going to primarily be part of our paid YouTube projects. In the event a recording is done for Tik Tok please understand these are unpaid. But YouTube vids will always be paid. I am in the processing of monitizing vids as well as getting a merch store so if that works out payment will be increased for all actors.

-Please note as well, these characters will curse and deal with very crude topics as they fall under the category of "Chaotic Stupid." So if you're uncomfortable with such things this is your heads up. 

About the Creator: lucas_m-va

Been voice acting and acting for almost 10 years now. I'm not old I just started when I was 15 ;-; 

My YouTube channel is Heretical Fun House 


Be it Demons, Warlords, Marines, or anything else that yells with a commanding voice, I'm your guy. 

I make stuff.

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