Lucas_M VA

Lucas_M VA

The Lord's Goofiest Rapscallion is here, to scream into a Microphone.  

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About Lucas_M VA

Been voice acting and acting for almost 10 years now. I'm not old I just started when I was 15 ;-; 

My YouTube channel is Heretical Fun House

Be it Demons, Warlords, Marines, or anything else that yells with a commanding voice, I'm your guy. 

I make stuff.

  • @wsavage77

    Just recently started working with Lucas on a project where he is directing me on the script.  He knows exactly what he wants and is excellent at giving direction and letting you know exactly what he wants.  I look forward to working with Lucas on many projects in the future!

  • @Flowers_from_Daisy_Studios

    It was fun working with him^^ I loved how he had delivered his lines, and I would love to work with him again on future projects^^