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Derrick Álvarez

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About Derrick Álvarez

Welcome and thank you for visiting my profile. My name is Derrick and I am an actor and voice actor. I was born in London (U.K).

I love acting, writing, music and cinema.

I currently live in Spain, therefore most of my works are basically in Spanish. I´m looking for new projects in English and I think this could be the place. 

A.C. Estudis - 2010

Dubbing and voice advertising

Instructed by Rafa Ordóñez, Julia Sorlí
Soundub - 2015

Documentary narrator

Instructed by Juan Ignacio Ocaña
Go2Takes! - 2016

Voice Actor

Instructed by Miguel Ángel Rodríguez
Take a take - 2013

Video Game Voice-Over

Instructed by Jaime Roca
HCTS - 2020

Dubbing Intensive

Instructed by Roger Pera
  • @skyfire

    (Thanks again!) This right here is a once-in-a-lifetime voice actor. He took part in one of my projects and did everything perfectly, he was very fast and efficient at getting his lines in, and you can tell he tried very hard, he brings the characters to life! So I completely recommend casting Derrick Alvarez.

  • @silas--silence

    Derrick seems very passionate about his work. He considered my feedback on his audition even before he was cast and submitted an additional take that 'fixed' everything I mentioned. The project was a really small one, but he delivered the lines right the day after he's been cast. All in all - someone I can definitely recommend in terms of performance, speed and communication!

  • @nvse

    Derrick is a talented voice actor. He does what you wish to be done from him and does so with pizzazz! The delivery is fantastic- outstanding even. If you're looking for a voice actor with this kind of accent- Derrick is the way to go!

  • @deleted597395

    Derrick is quick, concise and friendly! He has a unique voice. His voice fit the character I had pictured in my Audio Visual Novel. I highly recommend him for voice acting projects.

  • @larsfredrik

    Derrick is quick and very good at interpreting characters and make them believable. His voice is unique with a lot of depth and clean emotions. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional voice actor for their project!    

  • @kiirby-mariee

    Derrick is an amazing voice actor, very responsible and a kind person. He speaks Spanish and English and performs so well on both languages. He has a very unique voice that really brings character to life in an amazing way. He is very quick and concise on the delivery of his lines. He listens to feedback and takes it into consideration, if something needs to be fixed he does it. This was a long project we worked on but he was in it for the ride and was really passionate about it despite it all. If you're looking for a voice actor with a Spanish accent that speaks English or speaks Spanish in general then check him out. I highly recommend him.

  • @scousler

    Derrick was great to work with on my production. He was responsive to my emails and very professional about doing the various retakes I asked him to do. I am very happy with the acting he did for my audio production and would gladly work with him again.

  • @lani-the-lioness

    I had the pleasure to have Derrick in my animated series “Princess of the pride” and even though he played a small part and was only there in one episode, he had a fantastic and very real portrayal of his character. He was also quite friendly to everyone in the cast and delivered his lines on time. I definitely recommend him!

  • @madmaxminute

    I cast Derrick as Carlos in my Waterworld screenplay dramatized readthrough. Despite the role being small, Derrick delivered an excellent performance that imbued the character with a real sense of danger. His acting ability was an asset to my production.