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About Emergency Casting: Fire Emblem Heroes: Book 1, Paralogues, and Confessions Lead Role

One of our voice actresses had to drop out of the project for personal reasons, so we are casting for Sharena, our lead role. Please note, Sharena will be prominently featured throughout the project. 

This project is a continuation of a series of casting calls to voice the pre and post battle conversations of the first book and paralogues of Fire Emblem Heroes. In addition to these lines, actors will be asked to voice the level 40 confessions that their characters have with the summoner. Videos will be uploaded to YouTube.

The previous phase of the project can be found here: Casting Call 1; Casting Call 2

Once cast, Lead Actors will have at least 2 weeks to record lines, followed by weekly due dates. Each week will consist of only a few lines, averaging about a minute of recorded voice. As such, many of our leads will record a few weeks at a time. 

*Character descriptions may contain spoilers*

Guidelines and Tips:

  • You should have quality audio with no popping or puffing and minimal background noise. No distorting effects other than typical noise reduction and the like should be applied to the audition. 
  • Please record multiple takes of each line, delivering each take with different inflections and motivations to show an emotional range.
  • We are not asking for carbon copies of the voice actors already in Heroes. We’ve included links to their current actors as a reference, but feel free to do your own interpretations of each character based off of their descriptions below. 
  • If you would like feedback on your auditions, contact myself or the co-director, flamingluna, on CCC or Discord (flamingluna#8064 or regacman#0109). 
  • If you are not cast in this phase, please look forward to future upcoming projects with more chapters from Book 1 and the paralogues!

Please note: The deadline is subject to change earlier.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold