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About Fire Emblem Fates Fandub Episode 1

Hey everyone, welcome to the Fire Emblem Fates Fandub!  This YouTube project is to attempt to dub the entire Fire Emblem Fates storyline.  This game is one of my favorites, and I always thought that it should have been dubbed a long time ago, and with your help, this thought will become a reality!  Read below for more information on the project.

What part of the game are we dubbing?:  I plan to dub the first six chapters as a start, then I will ask the viewers what side we should dub first.  We will do either Birthright or Conquest.  The winner will go first, then we will do the other side afterward.  We will do Revelation last, because it is the last and most secret-revealing story out all three of them.  We will also ask the viewers what support conversations they would like us to dub.  Finally, if we get enough requests, we will dub the DLC maps such as Before Awakening, and the Heirs of Fate maps.  One extra note, we will have male and female versions of the story-line.  So there will be two versions of the same episode.

Who am I looking for?:  Someone who is interested in the project and would love to donate some of his/her time to the project.  I am particularly looking for voice actors for the different characters.  You can find more information about the parts below.

Requirements:  For actors?  Just a good quality mic, and a great voice to match!  I have a ton of roles for you to try, so if you are interested, just look below for more information about what role would fit you the most!    Also, save your bloopers please!  I would love to make a blooper reel for the end of the series!  I know that may sound embarrassing for some of you, but I would love to make a blooper reel.

How long will it take?:  We are dubbing a lot of the game, so you could get involved for a really long time if you are a main role.  I’m betting if we get the game capture in soon, and the talent comes quickly, we could end the first episode in…….let’s say January-Feburary 2018.  This depends on how fast and how well we work.  I want to get as much done as we can, while offering plenty of time to work.  The pace on how fast we work may change overtime once we get used to things.  We may cut the deadline shorter if we get recording done way ahead of schedule.

How much will the actors be paid?: This is a fan-dub.  Which means it is a non-profit project.  This is exclusively for fans of the game to create a fun and high-quality project for entertainment purposes only.  So there is no paycheck for actors.

If you do get picked, you will receive the script, and access to our private Discord server where you can talk to me and the other actors that are involved with the project.

That’s pretty much it.  Thanks for reading!  Hope to see you later in the auditions!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold