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About [CLOSED] A Brave New World II : A Fallout New Vegas project (paid roles)

(The video above shows the original voice actors followed by the revoice)

This project is a continuation of my three other paid projects here:

All cast members for paid roles have been paid (133 roles). 

A Brave New World (paid roles)  (28 roles) <--

New Vegas Redesigned (paid roles) (76 roles) <--

New Vegas Redesigned ii (paid roles) (33 roles) <--

The Project

I gathered a team of professional voice actors to revoice a videogame, Fallout: New Vegas.  Fallout: New Vegas is one of my favorite games of all time and I wanted to make the game even better. My goal is to improve upon the overall voice-acting of Fallout: New Vegas and to fix three main problems with the original actors.

1. The first problem was sound-clones. Sometimes one character would voice up to 30 different characters. As an example, Yuri Lowenthal voiced Lucius, Taggart, Ike, Otho, Antony, Alexus and Tapper. Jesse Burch voiced Astor, Clanden, Motor-Runner and Nephi. In my project, each of these characters are voiced by one person for each name.

2. The second problem was the acting itself. While most of the acting in Fallout: New Vegas was well done, some of it was horrible.

As an example, here is an audio-clip of a slave who begs for your help. You can see the original voice-actor as well as the new voice-acting.

Kenny Weathers before and after <--

3. The third problem was lore and character appearance. As an example, some characters were supposed to be menacing and powerful, ie a leader of a gang, a mob gang leader. Some characters were intended to be twisted, i.e. a rapist, a Jet addict. I felt some character didn't quite sound right and I sought to fix this.

Astore before and after <--

Aurelius before and after <--

Cachino before and after <--


-Voice (The voice that fits the character and fits the Fallout world  ie. A kid girl voice, a grizzled war veteran) Some people *have* it. I'm looking for the voice.

-Acting (Inflection, intonation, ability to move the audience) 

-Mic  (Sound must be crystal-clear and it must sound like it's coming from you and not from a phone or from a radio), no buzzing in the background, no pops, etc. If your acting is exceptional but your sound quality isn't clear, I will have you in the project but your voice will be an audio log.

-You can audition as many times as you'd like


Some roles are paid. If it is a paid role, a specified price will be listed for the role. I generally do a prepayment wherein I send you the final script and the lines I'd like you to act but If you feel more comfortable getting paid after your lines are submitted, I can do that as well. 

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold