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    About Danganronpa: Rumbling Skies (Actors, Artists, and more needed!)

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Silavent and I have recently taken the step to bring a fan project of mine into full production. Currently, we plan to make the project a video series, but the option of becoming a full fledged game is open! Thank you for your interest!

    This series is meant for mature audiences. Please be aware, topics such as but not limited to: Extreme cartoon gore/death, themes of suicide, themes of abuse, torture/psychological horror, could be or are present in this series. Please be prepared and aware of this. If you are not comfortable with this, no hard feelings and please don't audition.

    What is Danganronpa: Rumbling Skies?

    Bunri Academy is secluded in a deep forest, with one, small road connecting it to civilization. Every four years the school accepts 16 students, Ultimates, that are the best in their field and nurtures only them for 3 years. Ultimates gain a lot of public hatred for their seemingly free ride through life, but few can ignore the sheer talent they bring to their fields. Mitsuki Kitahama is one such student accepted to this special 16, for her abilities in running her family’s general store. She was going to initially turn down the offer, as she didn't think she’ was noteworthy enough to be considered “Ultimate," but after mulling it over she decided the benefits outweighed the possible cons. Well, they did, at first, but now that she and her 15 classmates find themselves trapped on the school grounds with a murderous hedgehog she wonders if it really was a good idea… With mounted guns appearing outside the gates of the school and the gate locking behind her as she walks in, a killing game is brewing with no way out, leaving every student to wonder who could possibly be responsible. Not only that, but a massive rainstorm has brewed out of nowhere, with no signs of stopping. Even if they make it past the guns, it’s still a long way to go. Hopefully, no one gets desperate enough for escape that they end up playing by the hedgehog’s twisted rules…

    For those of you familiar with the series, or active in the community as a whole, this should seem like pretty standard fair! Our major themes for the plot revolve around trust and betrayal, rather than hope and despair like the main series. The main cast was designed with the purpose of making everyone legitimately good people in an unfortunate situation. I made this choice for both the emotional impact that comes with it, and to explore how it would change the typical Danganronpa formula you may or may not be familiar with. You can find more specific information on the characters here:

    What's done so far?

    Currently, we have two artists for concept art, and completed 8-Bit sprites, but we still need as many artists as possible! As an artist, you would have clear design choices to work off of, but also have some creative liberties to make the character designs even better. A bit over half of the cast of 16 have been cast to very talented VA friends of mine, and as far as writing goes we have the most done in comparison to the other departments. We currently boast over 70 pages of completed script, meaning we have script lined up for several episodes worth, once we get assets together. That's where you would come in! We need Editors, Animators, Artists, and some more actors to round out the cast to really make this project come to life!

    Voice audition requirements:

    You don't need the best equipment per-say, but you do need good audio quality. Auditions with poor audio quality will not be considered, as they would sound too different to our already cast actors. Please consider this before you audition!

    I want more information before I make decisions.

    Sure! Please join our discord at !

    Here you'll be able to find full information that's public, hear our talented actors, see current art, and remain up to date on all announcements and updates as they're made! You can also contact me directly from this discord, as I run it! I'm more than willing to talk with you if you have any questions or concerns! And hey, even if you don't think you want to audition, please stop by if the project has interested you! We'd love to see you there!

    Thank you all for your time and interest in the project! Best of luck in your auditions!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold