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About Baten Kaitos Trailer/Fandub [Completed]

Hi all! I’m Charaito, and I am starting a fandub for the classic Gamecube Game known as “Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.” I'm going to start this off with dubbing the trailer.

In 2003, Baten Kaitos was hailed for its brilliant graphics, moving storyline, innovative gameplay, and gorgeous music. It had shortcomings in one important area however, and that was, of course, its voice acting. The acting in Baten Kaitos is not always horrendous, but the voices would on occasion come off as forced, unnatural, or just plain odd, and it would often occur during important plot-related scenes. The trailer is actually one of the better performances.


You do not need to sound like the characters in this trailer. I'd suggest at least looking at the trailer so you can see their motivations/ why they're behaving a certain way, but feel free to use your own interpretations of the lines as you see fit - they may turn out to be much better.

  • -Please make an effort to act out your character instead of simply reading lines.

  • -Have a decent mic. (Keep your audition static-free, if possible)

Contact Info:

If you want to send me direct auditions, send them to me at:


Alternatively, you can audition here on BTVA:

The Plan:

I will be releasing this trailer on our new youtube channel: Ikuze Productions. Once this fandubbed trailer has been completed, I also have plans to dub select in-game cutscenes. If you are cast, sometime after the trailer's release, I will check in with you to see if you are interested in continuing to voice your character in these in-game cutscenes.


Mixed Trailer without voices:

Original Trailer:

E3 Trailer with Alternate Voices:


The trailer I will be using for this dub has already been provided and lovingly mixed by Finfy instrumentals.

[Trailer Cast] - Completed as of 6/5/16

Kalas: jaydenva 

Xelha: Jacinta

Gibari: Stonehands72

[Understudy: AsianRambo38]

Lyude: SuperWisemon

[Understudy: mvajd709]

Savyna: paigeewirth

Mizuti: Faketsuki

Lady Melodia: InvokeArt13

[Understudy: spitfire1]

Emperor Geldoblame: galaxyspark

Queen Corellia: Lucyvh

Old Fortune Teller: ChizuPloo

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold