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Ferry Ghoul's Previously Completed Works

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    About Charon Heads North (Fallout 4 Mod)

    "Charon Heads North" is an in-progress Fallout 4 mod that brings the ghoul companion Charon into the Commonwealth wasteland. This is no mere port; Charon's exodus from the Capital Wasteland is explained in a lore-friendly manner, and his personality and relationship with the player character are expanded beyond their shallow portrayal in Fallout 3. In a similar fashion to many Fallout 4 mods in development, Charon Heads North will utilize the mod Extended Dialogue Interface, allowing for more than four dialogue options per conversation and adding in the skill checks present in the previous Fallout games. 

    The ultimate focus of the mod is to portray Charon's transformation from a brain-washed bodyguard beholden to a centuries old contract into an actual living being who can think for himself and make his own decisions. The player character can choose to help guide him on this path, or to maintain the status quo and be content with their slave companion. Both choices will have far-reaching consequences in the relationship between Charon and the player. 

    Currently the mod exists in a simple state on the Fallout 4 Nexus. This version includes the recruitment scene, a few combat lines and idle comments, and four conversations based on quest decisions. All of Charon's current dialogue is taken from Fallout 3, so that users can choose to port over the lines if they so wish and have a fully voiced Charon. Obviously this imposes heavy restrictions on the dialogue and story. If I were to recruit a voice actor, I would rework the mod entirely before moving on with these new freedoms in mind. The released version mostly serves to show that I know what I'm doing, and this isn't all just hot air. 

    This project is unpaid, given that it's a Nexus mod based on a pre-existing Bethesda character. I have also disabled donation points on the Nexus page for the released version. 


    High quality recordings. I know I'm not in much of a position to demand anything, but I would rather release an unvoiced Charon then one that sounds poorly voiced. 

    A good ghoul voice. If you want to hear what Charon sounds like, here is a compilation. But really, any ghoul voice will do if you can't replicate that throat-destroying rasp. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold