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Starsigngames's Previously Completed Works

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About Bukimi Ai - Visual Novel

Starting as an original animated series, Bukimi Ai is now a visual novel!  Join best friends Miki June and Otha Ririko as they try to teach Kogo Kiho how to be a normal schoolgirl. How will they help her blend into normal society while they're trying to find the culprit of her murder?

Hello all!  I'm going to be making a visual novel that began as an anime a long time ago. I was relentlessly teased for my poor animation skills at the time, and I dropped the anime and always had the idea in the back of my head.  However, I have brought it back to life in the form of a visual novel.  I am a professional full-time film director and author, so I feel this would be a bit easier for a passion project rather than an anime.

Note that I will be going into the Navy this September.  This game will be placed on a hiatus for a few months when I leave.

You can join the Discord server for this project to drop in and say hello and/or ask any questions before you audition as well!

Here are some details:

  1. In the future I will be looking for testers, so if you would like to test the game before its final release, please visit Discord and let me know.
  2. All music as of right now is filler music.  It defines the style of the music that should be in each portion.  If you would like the file for the song, please ask me and I can give it to you as well as the credits for it.
  3. This project will be resume-eligible, and I am always willing to write a letter of recommendation from the company.
  4. You can receive information on the payment plan here.
  5. There is now a Wiki where you can see spoilers and the full story!
  6. Wanna stay up to date with the project? I do livestreams of developing the game every once in a blue moon.  You can pop in and check it out at our YouTube channel.

About the Creator: starsigngames

Charles Leslie Maximilian Perryman (born December 7, 2000) is an American indie film director, actor, writer, sound designer, and photographer. He is best known for his horror, documentary, and animated films and television shows. Perryman has also previously published two novels, Clockwise (2015) and Grey Wolf (2017), which have since been removed from further publication as of now due to being revised.  A video game, 不気味愛, is also under current development under his name.

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