Meredith Nudo

Meredith Nudo

May or may not be a robot sent from the future.

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About Meredith Nudo

I’m Meredith Nudo and I’m a Houston-based voice actress, writer, and comedian. I graduated from the comedy conservatory programs at Station Theater and ComedySportz Houston and performed with the improv troupes Empty Closets and I’m Just Happy to be Here prior to COVID-19 closing down the stages and ruining all of our fun. In addition, I made my festival debut in the 2016 Trill Comedy Festival as a guest of Magical Lying Hour and went on to co-produce the 2019 event. 

In 2017, I served on the writing staff of the first two seasons of Blue Shift, Station Theater’s house sketch troupe. I’ve performed as a guest of Rock Paper Improv, Grief Bacon, Supernova, the Good Enoughs, Better Linda, and in the Anchor Sketch Showcase, among others, and wrote a sketch selected for the 2019 Kevin McDonald & Friends showcase at Station Theater.

The voice acting part of my career is fleshed out on this profile! It has reels and samples! And my client list! And info about my home studio! And nice things that nice people said about me! Or you can go to my website. Either choice is valid.

Westside Comedy - 2020


Instructed by Landon Kirksey

Taken online, not in person.

Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Brendan Hunter
Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by John Wang
Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 301

Instructed by Deb Munro
Voice Acting Mastery - 2021

Voice Acting Mastery (workshop)

Instructed by Crispin Freeman

Taken twice so far.

Lone Star VO - 2021

Recording Ensemble Animation (workshop)

Instructed by Stephanie Lynn Robinson
Queer Vox - 2021

Military Call-Outs (workshop)

Instructed by Linsay Rousseau
Gina Scarpa - 2021

Nailing the Conversational Read (workshop)

Instructed by Gina Scarpa
Extra Terrible - 2021

ADR (workshop)

Instructed by Dani Chambers
Voice Acting Mastery - 2021

Character voiceover (private coaching)

Instructed by Crispin Freeman
Sara Gaston Studios - 2021

Acting (private coaching)

Instructed by Sara Gaston
Lone Star VO - 2021

General Voiceover (private coaching)

Instructed by Lindsay Sheppard
Walsh Voiceover Coaching - 2021

Commercial Voiceover (private coaching)

Instructed by Dave Walsh
Lone Star VO - 2021

Breath Technique (private coaching)

Instructed by Lena Hill
Lone Star VO - 2021

Accents & Dialects for Video Games (workshop)

Instructed by D'Arcy Smith
Lone Star VO - 2021

Acting Techniques (workshop)

Instructed by Lena Hill
Get Mic'd - 2021

Fabulous Creatures and Others (workshop)

Instructed by Deb Munro and Elley Ray
- 2022

Accents and Dialects (private coaching)

Instructed by D'Arcy Smith
Extra Terrible - 2021

Mentorship Program

Instructed by Jason Lord

ADR emphasis 

Closing Credits - 2022

Audio Engineering for Voice Actors

Instructed by Tony Wijs
Strawberry Hill - 2022

Animation and Casting (workshop)

Instructed by Mami Okada
Strawberry Hill - 2022

Animation and Direction (workshop)

Instructed by Wendee Lee
ACE Studios - 2022

Video Game Efforts (workshop)

Instructed by Undisclosed
Strawberry Hill - 2022

Vocal Technique 101 (workshop)

Instructed by Marin Miller
ACE Studios - 2022

ADR for Anime Intensive (workshop)

Instructed by Wendee Lee
Faustian Nonsense - 2022

What a Director Wants (workshop)

Instructed by Amelia Kinch
- 2022

Get Out of Your Head! (workshop)

Instructed by Cassandra Lee Morris
Strawberry Hill - 2022

Character and Casting Directors (workshop)

Instructed by Marissa Lenti
Strawberry Hill - 2022

Voice Acting for Fighting Games (workshop)

Instructed by Kira Buckland and Casey Mongillo
Get Mic'd - 2022

Self-Direction (Workshop)

Instructed by Deb Munro and Elley Ray
Strawberry Hill - 2022

Vocal Health and Power (workshop)

Instructed by Jamieson Price
Closing Credits - 2022

Mastering Characters

Instructed by Elley Ray
Closing Credits - 2022

ADR and Dubbing for Anime

Instructed by Morgan Berry
Closing Credits - 2022

ADR for Voice Actors

Instructed by Kiba Walker
Real Voice LA - 2022

Dubbing for Anime from Home

Instructed by Kaiji Tang
Closing Credits - 2022

Authentic Commercial Voiceover

Instructed by Dave Bisson

$5/line, but willing to negotiate. Apologies, but I can only accept solicited offers for paid original works at this time. I will occasionally audition for unpaid student projects or for unpaid nonprofit projects whose ideals align with my own (sorry but not at all sorry, puppy kickers) if my budget allows, but that is at my discretion.

What Meredith Nudo is looking for

Please contact me with information regarding your project and I'll send you my availability, turnaround time, and a quote. You can reach me via private message on here or via my website. Discord and email are available privately upon request.  

  • @andy-l

    I was a voice actor on Splintered Caravan with Meredith. I only had a small part but she showed me how to really take up the scene no matter how few lines you had. She's an inspiring actress and very supportive to her co-stars.

  • @erinnicolelundquist

    Meredith and I have been on several projects together. As such, I can attest to her excellent emotional and character range! She has been a goofy nerd, a badass warrior, a caring friend, and done all of them very well. Additionally, Meredith strives to motivate and improve everyone around her. She is great to work with and very professional.

  • @deleted296738

    Meredith and I have only known each other a short time and I'm lucky to have the opportunity to not only be in another production with her but have her work with me on some of my productions! She's a very talented, gifted voice actress (from what I've heard of her auditions) and I can't wait to work with her more in the near future!

  • @jodimichelle

    Meredith and I recently worked together on a video game. Since then, Meredith has been a great source of inspiration! Not only is she super helpful to developers and other voice actors, she is a talented actress with an impressive range. I always enjoy listening to Meredith's auditions since she offers unique and interesting choices. You will not regret casting Meredith in your project! 

  • @arijohnson

    Meredith worked with me on my student film, and I couldn't be happier with the results! We worked together during a live session, and she really helped me through the process of voice directing for the first time. She delivered a variety of great performances for the character, and ensured that we got the right take every time. I highly recommend working with her! 

  • @dblatch97

    Meredith is one of the best actors that I've ever worked with. You can tell she truly enjoys what she's doing, and that feeling is very infectious. I feel a lot prouder of the project we worked on together now that she's a part of it.

  • @sostudios

    Meredith Nudo was paid for the role of 'Doctor 1' in the Annabel character video, and delivered four lines for project. They responded promptly to all messages and were professional throughout. It was a pleasure to work with Meredith and I hope to have the opportunity to cast them again for future roles.

    I highly recommend Meredith Nudo for professional voice acting work.

  • @Wakeform-Entertainment

    Meredith was a joy to record with, we had such a good time working together. Brought so much enthusiasm and energy to the performance. Took direction and found a really exciting performance. A total professional.

  • @moonbdreamin

    What can I say about Meredith that most people who hire/know her in the VA world do not already know? Well, we first worked together on Colors of the Rainbow and was amazed at her range from being a wild and crazy drummer to just doing walla walla voices for side characters. What else stood out was that Meredith was very helpful with fellow cast members as well as casting directors with her extensive knowledge of other fields in VA (marketing, writing, etc). Meredith definitely is someone you will love to have on your projects as she is always a delight to be around and overall her acting abilities will definitely move you, the audience, and the production you are aiming to create!

  • @jaywhang627

    I directed Meredith in my Poe-inspired short film The Tragic End of Rodney & Madlyn U.. And we had a blast. She was very enthusiastic about the project from the start and knowledgeable about the horror genre. For a material that's too distressing for general audiences, she went in there bravely and gave the most poignant performance I have ever witnessed. She was also the great screamer as well. I actually felt goosebumps when she did that live, and left me breathless.

    Very much recommended.

  • @thatfoolishone

    Meredith voiced Pepper for my video comic dub, Monster Kingdom. She was very nice to work with! And although it was a small role, she still gave a very enthusiastic and well done performance. I would definitely recommend her and would love to work with her again in the future.  

  • @katabelle

    The best future robot actress ever. We are friends, in several projects together, and you should CAST MEREDITH. Hugs.

  • @Curlivon

    On my animation project, Meredith was very patient as I took longer than expected; she was also very fast and efficient at delivering her lines. Also, they are very friendly and a delight to work with! I absolutely loved their VO performance as they added more to the character then their originally was. I highly recommend Meredith, and I also hope to work with them again in the future!