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Kirsten Aucoin

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About Kirsten Aucoin

Kirsten Aucoin has always been a storyteller. Born in Massachusetts in 2000, she would go on to discover a lifelong love for media of varied formats. She began acting at the age of four, engaging in community theater productions. Her early childhood also brought about her first steps in writing and directing - from making short films with her friends to self-publishing her first book when she was nine years old.

Aucoin’s passion for horror was first sparked from her father showing her Jaws (1975) at a young age. This passion grew immensely in her teen years. At fourteen, she finished what she considers to be her first formally-made short film, in the form of a horror-comedy called Slumber Party of Panic. She would also publish her first piece of horror fiction as a teenager and began voice acting in 2019 - her early roles being for horror projects such as Manmade Machine Massacre and Horror Shop Radio.

In June of 2021, Aucoin took another new step in her career. She began work as creative director for a survival game titled The Baptized. She would later become a head of the writing department for the project as well.

  • @thewildcard

    I found KEA through auditioning for the same projects. I messaged her to voice act in my own project because she has an extremely unique voice. On top of that, she was very punctual and easy to work with and a trustworthy client. Her lines for me only took her one take.
    I recommend KEA for your projects!

  • @harlangreenborough

    KEA submitted for a small role on a project I was working on. She was exactly what I was hoping for. She gave a great performance based on limited written direction. She has an impressive voice and excellent sound quality. I'd work with her again and recommend her to anyone!

  • @horror-shop-radio

    I cast KEA for a role in my audio drama podcast. She did a fantastic job with the role and delivered her lines in a very timely manner. She was a pleasure to work with and a true professional! 

  • @unknown-mafia-productions

    I'd highly recommend Kirsten Aucoin (KEA) because she did a fantastic job at performing a character that was in my short horror film 'HARVEST SEASON'. I found KEA from multiple auditions in my project and I couldn't be more happier with every performance she made.