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Hello! My name i
s Kai. 18 y.o.
 I am living in Lithuania!
I've been on this platform since 2021 January 6th!
I am an amateur in voice acting. My voice range can vary from low to high. My voice archetype is more into a calm or less expressive voice, could do a smart type voice or explanatory.
Despite of my hardware, quality isn't going to be ULTRA-TOP, but it is not going to be ULTRA-LOW.

Discord: Paracetamolis#7904

My social accounts:
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YouTube Gaming channel (English) -

Twitch - Holoph69 (First channel) -

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  • @dcooper

    Working with Kai been a blast. He really brings out the chill and laid back voice for the character ronny in my project. He's polite, excellent to communicate with, able to get his lines done on time. I consider him a friend/brother, If you need help hit him up