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About Black Haze [Comic Fandub]

What is this project?

After reading a manhwa/webtoon series, Black Haze by Yong Yong (or Dydydd17), I decided I wanted to make a fandub. Why? In my opinion, it's a really good comic, but it's not very popular. And since I have experience with comic fandubs, I thought I'd try to make my own. It is unfortunate that the comic is on indefinite hiatus with 228 episodes.

Black Haze is a fantasy, comedy, and action series. And probably some other genres. The 14-year-old main character, Rood Chrishi, is secretly the world's youngest and one of the most powerful magicians. He then gets sent on a mission to protect a duke's second son at magic school. Undercover.

Besides the main character, there's a whole ton of hidden identities, if you're into those, this might be the series for you. And there are tons of characters. Lots and lots and lots. So many it's hard to remember even their names.

I do have comic dub video experience, as well as directing experience, which I am sure will help. Hope everyone enjoys the project as much as I do! More roles will be added. There are tons of characters in the cast, and it's hard to keep track of them all. Deadlines will be moved back consistently, I won't cast until I find a suitable person. We all hope this doesn't take too long.

Currently, characters for up to and including Episode 9 are added. There are *so many* more in the upcoming chapters, I may just need to make a separate casting call. But. Let's see what reception this gets first.


1) Be willing to stick around for a long time, especially for voice actors. I am unsure how long this will take, but I do hope to dub all 228 episodes, and any future ones should they be released.

2) Voice actors: Decent mic, no background noise. Self explanatory- all auditions with too much background noise will be rejected. Others I may be able to remove with some audio editing. Being able to turn in lines within two weeks is important, as well as good communication, so that if you need longer to turn in lines, or something happens, you don't just disappear mysteriously. You can ask for extensions to the two weeks, but you have to actually ask for it.

3) Discord recommended, but not required. Organization and communication will be much smoother if we can contact each other faster.

4) (Not necessarily a requirement) - Voice actors: If you're willing to play another role your voice may fit, please let me know!

5) Optional: Reading the comic. Everything makes a whole lot more sense, lines have context, and it will be easier to portray the characters, though I will do my best with writing the character descriptions.

About the Creator: AC9123

About Me:
Yes my vocal chords are damaged (for at least 6 years now?) but that's not stopping me, though I should probably do something about it... 

Voice Acting Interests
Original projects, fandubs, anime abridged, etc.

As a Director:
I have some experience with projects, all of them have come through provided I get auditions. One is currently in progress with editing and line-hunting. It will come to fruition, eventually.

Why Did I Begin Voice Acting?
I am quite shy in real life. Very shy, actually. So shy I wouldn't approach anyone even if someone told me to. I've thought about acting in a movie, which is what got me started in theater. In July 2018 I took an acting class, which introduced me to voice acting one day, leading me to find Casting Call Club and begin voice acting.
I find that voice acting is the type of acting for me! I'm camera shy but I feel safer behind the screen. After watching anime I also found more interest and determination in voice acting. I mean look at those talented people! It's probably a dream to become a professional voice actor, but I'm sure I will get there eventually.

I am ALWAYS willing to voice act for your project. Just contact me by sending a message through here, on Discord, or via email!
Anything is something. I enjoy meeting new people online and gaining experience in the voice acting industry. I'm sure we'll all be good friends. :)
Discord: AC9123#5414
Email: ac9123.va @ gmail.com

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