Martin Laston - writer and voice actor with range

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About Laston

Professional Inquiries: martinlastonva @ (no spaces)
Casual: LastonVA#9100 on Discord

Feel free to send me any questions or just chat! I'm a writer and voice actor with an emphasis on actor, though of course I'll be interested in whatever work is sent my way. I prefer to be credited as "Martin Laston" with a link to this profile.


Lead Roles
Kenneth Hall - Contraphobia Archives (webseries)
Captain Calderon Lynch - Andromeda Six Fandub (fandub)

Supporting Roles
Terry the Boat Salesman / Legion Slave - Havasu Blues (game mod)

Johnson - Nuka-World Plus (game mod)
Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky (game mod)

Additional Voices - Be Not Afraid (podcast)
Principal Leland Zeller - KELZ Fiend Radio (game mod)
Jack Lenston / Additional Voices - A "Scientist's" Job (podcast)
Senator Jonas Disori - No Such Thing As Bad Publicity (game mod)

  • @undeadstars

    Martin is one of the most sincere members of my cast. He has so much talent and has done such a wonderful job in my long term project thus far. Not only is he open to feedback when I’m directing and editing, but he always incorporates it in while also maintaining the original ideas he had for his character. He’s always extremely communicative, honest, and is prompt with lines and any redos I ask him to do. Additionally, he’s extremely hardworking and does a great job of balancing his responsibilities in conjunction with real life responsibilities; he’s an absolute pleasure to have in my cast.

  • @abitat

    Laston is one talented VA and an awesome guy to have in your project and as part of your team. He is friendly, receptive to feedback with a willingness to improve and always delivers his lines with passion and dedication to succeed. His voice work is incredible, with great emotion, passion and improvisation behind each word. He can get those vocal cords working when it's needed and does a splendid job in delivering high quality work. He is friendly and supportive of fellow cast and crew members, showing care towards the projects he takes part in. It was this amazing talent that landed him in the Top 3 for one of the major roles of our project, but he just narrowly missed out. Regardless, we are delighted to have him on board to voice supporting roles and it is a delight to know him and have him as part of our team. In summary, I 110% recommend Laston for your project - you will not be disappointed!