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About The Akira Experience - Full Manga Fandub

--First off, ignore the deadline for this project. I will likely always be looking for more people to come aboard.--

Hey there, welcome to the Akira experience. Our goal is to make a full fan dub of the entire Akira manga series. Quite the hefty goal, I know. But I think it's safe to say that this series in particular is special to a lot of people's hearts, including mine, and I'd love to see something like what I have imagined come to fruition. Double if I actually had a hand in making it myself. I'm sure you'd be excited for that too. 

This is a fan project, driven out of the love we hold for this story, and it's characters. Yes, I am asking for free labor, an insane amount frankly, but I'm willing to put in the same effort as well. I think if we can get a team together that can stay focused, we should be able to actually do this, and even have fun along the way. 

I plan on synchronizing the voices and audio to the manga as it moves panel to panel. This will be uploaded on a custom made youtube account specifically for this team that is assembled. Who knows, maybe we'll end up doing some other stuff too later? 

As much as I would love to drop a huge 6+ hour Akira audio manga experience and flex the shit out of everyone, I know that's not gonna happen. So I think it's safe to say splitting it out into increments is a good idea. We can just divide these by issue. Eventually we'll get to all 38-some episodes on the channel, and set to a playlist. This provides a one foot after the other, tangible goal to work towards. 

Not only voice talent is needed for this obviously. Anyone with audio or visual design/editing skills or experience are going to be extremely valuable. While I don't have any knowledge of these things myself, I WILL be learning them to pull my own weight. However it's obviously going to be easier on everyone and go a lot smoother if we have someone who knows what they're doing day 1.

 Additionally, if it's possible for us to create some original music for this... I'd just... well, it'd be really cool. And I would owe you for the next 50 lifetimes. While I do plan on using the music of the original Akira soundtrack for this, overall that gives us about 40-50 minutes of music runtime. That's great, but by the time we're done there's going to be waaay more than that to fill into. So the obvious answer is to add music from other stuff. Only problem with that is, it's likely we'd have to tango with copyright BS with that, and I really don't want to. Trusting public domain instrumental music is really risky for a setting like Akira, so if anyone could take the time to provide some original background music for us, it would really set us apart from other projects. 

This is going to be a big learning experience for everyone, but that's ok. There are no deadlines for this project. We can take as much time as we need to get this done despite everyone's various schedules and make something that really stands for some good quality.

That being said, there are a few rules/things to keep in mind for those of you wishing to cast for voice talent.
1. Have a mic that is decent. I'm not asking for professional quality stuff whatsoever, but please record in a location that is devoid of as much background noise as possible, and that the mic you use isn't cracking as squeaking every two seconds. I think most people can meet these standards, so don't sweat it.

2. Be willing to yell, scream, cuss, etc. Akira is an adult manga, and the movie made after it is rated R. We're going to keep it that way.

3. Truly try to get a personal understanding of the characters. This goes from their mentality to the way you voice their lines. Don't be afraid to try something experimental or new to try out the character.

4. Be willing to have fun.

5. Please stay committed. I'm not going to have a tight leash on anyone, I won't be hounding you for lines, (unless you're the only one that still needs to do them) so don't just disappear and force us to recast just because you got bored or lazy. 

This is more of a suggestion, but be familiar with Akira. It's not required for you to audition, but it's obviously nice. If you aren't familiar with this classic for some reason, now is the time. We're going to be constantly referencing the source material and even the movie in consideration for what a scene/line needs. 

Finally, make sure to check back as often as you can if you're interested and haven't landed a role yet. I'll be making updates often.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold