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Hi! I'm Lachlan and I like to draw. And write. I'm currently in education, plus now recently working and I'm aiming to weasel my way into the animation industry, or video game industry, due to my love of story. The only way to get good at story and specific mediums is to practice, so I'm using casting call as a way to practice writing, art, producing and working as a team!

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    Directors have some of the hardest jobs to do, including dealing with recasts, production difficulties, all that jazz. Of course, this is if they do more than just direct. Sometimes, the other stuff they do does not go noticed and they're work is unseen by others, even their own team at times. Reason being is because most of us are working remotely from our homes and not a studio.

    What I can say is that Lachlan does an absolutely fantastic job not only directing, but also producing, making their own material, and staying in contact with their voice actors. Lachlan was great at letting us know when lines had to be put in, how production was going, and was very encouraging with all of us. In the future, I hope I get to work with them again and if you have a chance to, go for it! It would be great! Highly recommend, 11/10!