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About Kiirby Mariee

Just someone who loves video games and voice acting. I'm currently working on a dub project game from Pixelberry Studios. I'm looking for a variety of voice actors and voice actresses to do voice over and embark on a fun journey through it together.

If you need a voice actor for your projects, Dm me! I work on both paid and unpaid projects (I don't work on NSFW)

I can speak English & Spanish

Voice Acting Credits (COMPLETED):

Lightning (Final Fantasy 14 Fandub) [2021] (BY CRISTINA21)

Vanellope Von Schweetz (Disney Comic Dubs) [2021]  (BY CRISTINA21)

Valentina "Val" Greaves (The Crown And The Flame Fandub) [2022] (BY KIIRBYMARIEE17)

Mother & Baby (Short Comic Dub) [2022] (BY NATALIA SANTIAGO)

The Girl (The Girl Who Lost Her Precious Cat Short Comic Dub) [2022] (BY NATALIA SANTIAGO)

Little Girl (The Little Girl And Her Friendly Monster Short Comic Dub) [2022] (BY NATALIA SANTIAGO)

Extras (Rayman Generations Part 1-3 Fandub) [2023] (BY SMASHMASTER)

Natasha Ayala (It Lives In The Woods Fandub) [2023] (BY KIIRBYMARIEE17)

Jihei Shono (Austitic Hearts) [2023] (BY HABEFASTRO)

Extras (Yugi-oh! 5Ds Manga Dub) [2023] (BY SMASHMASTER)

Sophia (The Walking Dead Comic Dub) [2023] (BY FACILIERR)

Poppy/Reporter (Wubzzy Fan Animation) [2023] (DECORE MEDIA)

Kimberly (Street Fighter 6: Days Of Eclipse Comic Dubs) [2024](BY SMASHMASTER)

Currently Working On...

Abigail (Alienate) (BY MYSTERY0216)

Queen Minnie (Kingdom Hearts II Manga Fandub) (BY SMASHMASTER)

Toy Chica (Minecraft FNAF: The Flipside) (BY ENDERFROST16) 

Child Mary (Castle in the Sky: Rebirth Of The Kingdom) (BY GSO) 

Natasha Thomas (It Lives Beneath) (BY KIIRBYMARIEE17)

Lily Beaver (Angry Beavers ReSpooted) (BY DORAEARTDREAMS-ASPY) 

Axem Pink (Super Mario Bros. Z Kai) (BY DARKSAGE861)


Princess Rachel (Legends of the Lizard Tribe: War for the Centuries) (BY THE CINEMA MAN)

Faith (Crossover Series) (BY COSMO)

Alexis Moore (Sims 4 VO Series: Wild Intentions) (BY BELLA QUI)

Hope Van Dien (Lego Avengers Age Of Ultron) (BY KYP GOLDENFLIER PRODUCTIONS)
Lucy Blight Noceda (Owl House Next Gen!) (KARMAVEIL)

Projects I'm In:

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  • @deleted572297

    Just so incredibly gracious! Anyone would be lucky to work with Kirrby Mariee!

  • @killua_ki

    Kirby is a very nice lady !!!!!!!!!! She puts others first, and has dreams for herself. 

  • @audreyva

    Kiirby graciously accepted me into a massive project of hers and never have I felt more relaxed and had more fun on a project! She managed the project extraordinarily well and in a way that is just down right professional and amazing. She's got the best patience with all her casted crew and keeps everyone up to date which is something I don't often get from project owners. I can't thank her enough for the opportunities extended to me by her, not to mention the amazing voice she has! This girl really is a woman of many talents!!!!

  • @chrithmuthwolf

    We've only been acquainted for just under a couple of months now, but I HIGHLY recommend Kiirby! It all started on a randomly picked project we both found here, and soon after, I was invited to join as an extra on a side project of theirs. I could already tell that Kiirby was so kind, patient, fair, and honest with our communication and the judging of my lines, and was absolutely honored when asked to fill in as Dragon Dom in the project known as "The Crown and the Flame Dub". During my time assisting in this, I had an absolute blast, and always felt warmed in my very core whenever we'd communicate. And the quality of their own voice acting? FANTASTIC!!! I very much urge you to check out more from Kiirby, and give your support to this wonderful gem of a friendly person, professional VA, and project creator! 

  • @moorenarration

    What a true talent to work with! Kiirby Mariee is an amazing writer and manager, a real leader for her team. I look forward to collaborating with her again and seeing what other worlds she will take us to, what a real journey I know it will be! 

  • @schisholm

    I had the pleasure of voice acting a role in Kiirby's The Crown And The Flames dub. Despite managing so many voice actors, this project was incredibly organized. She is one of the most responsive project coordinators I've ever worked with. Not only that, but she is an extremely talented voice actor, to boot. I definitely recommend anyone having the opportunity to work with her to do so.

  • @derrick-alvarez

    Kiirby is incredibly dedicated to her work and community. She is very professional, efficient and understanding with eveything. Also she is a very talented voice actress. I highly recommend anybody to work with her! 

  • @TabethaMcNealVO

    Kiirby is such an amazing director! From sending all my lines in a stress-free way and giving feedback, and more she provides such high professionalism and she's super sweet. I highly suggest working with Kiirby on any future projects.

  • @cordiwordi

    In the past few months I've worked with her, she's been a fantastic director. She's specific with how certain lines should be delivered. While she is flexible, she has a good timeframe by when the lines should be delivered, very professional. I look forward to working with her more, I recommend her for her great skills as a director and voice actress.

  • @rwilsonvo

    Kirby is a great project manager and director. Very professional in all they do, great communication and gets clear, concise scripts in her cast's hands quickly. She made Crown and Flame come together so quickly and masterfully and made it a breeze to be on her cast. I look forward to working with Kirby on future projects!

  • @JennilynnRuggieri

    Wow, Kirby Mariee is a super organized director/production manager! She breaks down projects into rational and reasonable chunks, sets deadlines with clarity and compassion, and regularly checks in with voice actors with helpful feedback and consistent updates about project progress. There are no mysteries working on a Kirby Mariee project, and she really brings out the best in a group of voice actors! She gives a chance to new talent, and I've even seen her handle unprofessional behavior by voice actors on a project forum with promptness, tact, and professionalism. Working with her has been a great experience!

  • @habefastro-scribe

    I remember Kiirby Mariee and I first encountering each other, creators trying to support fellow creators, and what would happen would be a serendipitous blessing to always be treasured.

    She was as gracious enough to enroll me in her awesome grand adventure of a prospect in the art of storytelling. I would be given the part of Anu for her The Crown and The Flame Dubbing. Before I knew it, the team I would be a part of became like a family with Kiirby as our leader. And a tremendously proficient one at that.

    Kiirby is patient, adaptable, fair, passionate, compassionate, diligent, and always puts other first.

    So please, Do the right thing,


  • @toni_va

    Kiirby, gosh I have so many things to say! She is such an incredible director, writer, editor and voice actress. Honestly, it was a massive honor voicing Empress Azura for her fan project - The Crown and Flame series. Kiirby is such a sweetheart and is so caring towards others. She treated me like a queen! Her community is so positive and it's been a joy to be a part of. Working for her made me feel loved and that my voice acting work and editing was worth every second. I don't meet many people like her, she's a true diamond. Kirrby is the most hardworking person I know and she provides very high quality content for her fans and voice actors. I'm truly so blessed to be a part of her projects and I can't wait to see the finished series. I hope to continue working with her and I'm so grateful to have met her. She's so lovely! I definitely recommend her!

  • @oldbobfett

    I've worked with Kiirby Mariee on a few projects and she is incredibly organized, clear in her requests, and an expert communicator! I always know what is needed and when.  She also allows flexibility in her projects, so if someone needs some extra time, she's willing to provide that.  Cant wait to work with her more in the future!  

  • @ronin85

    Kirby had me on one of her projects. Cool person

  • @drakearikado

    A very efficient and patient project manager.

  • @lady-theta

    I've worked on a couple projects with Kiirby and she is a great project manager. Kiirby has always stayed up to date with communication and is very patient. She is respectful and professional. I enjoy working with Kiirby and I would definitely recommend.

  • @gjhIV

    When I was notified that I had been cast as Lucas for Kiirby's It Lives in the Woods fandub, I was incredibly nervous. I've been in many a theatrical and musical production, but I'm fairly new to voice acting. Most of the projects I'd been a part of up to this point were much smaller. However, after the first messages we exchanged all those nerves melted away. Kiirby is not only a wonderful Director and Voice Actress, but she's also and incredible person. She's kind, patient, driven, professional, and a breeze to work with. She makes projects easy to work on. She's the kind of person that makes you want to excel in what you do. I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance. It's something you won't want to pass up. I, personally, would be more than willing to work with her again on any project, and I hope I do!

  • @xarlomec

    Kiirby is an exceptional director!  I commend her for organizing such a large scale dubbing project "It Lives In The Woods".  I came by a little later in the project, but I'm so glad Kirirby reached out to me!  She gave clear direction and feedback on my performances for Andy.  In addition, she is so easy to communicate with and was quick to get back to me regarding any questions I had.  I can tell Kiirby cared for the success of all the cast members with frequent updates and checking in on us.  I believe Kiirby will go far in directing more projects in the future!  Thank you so much Kiirby!

  • @daveykine

    I worked under Kiirby for one of her projects as a voice actor and I was impressed with her ability to manage not only a large team, but multiple projects at once. She was great at communicating with the group, me individually, and keeping the project progressing forward. When needed, she provided me feedback, which was very helpful. I both recommend Kiirby for anyone to work with and I hope I will have the privilege to work with her again I’m the future.