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About J Ros

Relatively new voice actor. If you are looking to have me on your project, please message me here on CCC.

itch.io Credits:

Please Don't Hate Christmas - rice love - Player's Boss


Spotify Credits:

Murder Manor - Syndromedia - Ron's Father

Steam Credits:

Quest for the Golden Candelabra - Dawnsbury Studios - Tok'dar

Dawnsbury Days - Dawnsbury Studios - Tok'dar

YouTube Credits:

Fandub of Final Fantasy IX - Fractured Crystal Studios - Steiner

Danganronpa: No HopeIts Sasa - Monobit

Legend of Dragoon Fandub NogardDragN TV - Extras

FFVII Comic Dub - shin a - Zack & Barret

Final Fantasy Sonic X Remake - SM_714 Productions - Chocobos

Rayman Generations Comic Dub - SM_714 Productions - Rayman

Vagabondage - Magnaflash Animation - Eros & The Speedrunner

Final Fantasy XIV: The Dragonsong War In a Nutshell - RABtoons - "We Know"

Rayman V Trailer (Fadel Direct Submission) - SM_714 Productions - Rayman

wynaut feel regret - GabaLeth - Ralts

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Ultimate Fandub - MariSkyVA - Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

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CLOTI comic dub compliation - shin a - Johnny

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood In a Nutshell Part 2 - RABtoons - Game of Thrones Writer, Random Player 1, & Ala Mhigo Singer

Luigi's Coin Mario & Luigi Comic Dub - Dylan William van de Wal - Mario

Parasite Eve In a Nutshell - RABtoons - Ben Dollis, Admiral Phelps, & Mayor Ebert

Danganronpa: Distorted Reality - Danganronpa Distorted Reality - Monokuma

Other Credits:

Pokémon: The First Movie Fandub  - Skul - Giovanni & Random Scientist

  • @vellamour

    I work with Ros on the Lighthouse Anthology Inuyasha Dub as the assistant producer/audio engineer and as a fellow voice actor. Ros is a pleasure to work with. From the producer's perspective, all of his lines are sent in extremely punctually and they are always high quality. As a fellow voice actor, I am always excited to hear projects he's in and am always impressed with his range of voices. :)

  • @JGM2003

    J-Ros, he has given me a lot of good advice on how to do voice acting, and the advice has helped me out tremendously with my voice acting skills. He also is just a lot of fun to work. That’s all I can say.

  • @skul

    Was incredibly professional, able to meet deadlines quickly, and most of all, VERY talented!

  • @smashmaster

    J-Ros is a phenomenal actor. When I was figuring out who should voice Rayman for my Rayman Generations English Fandub, J-Ros came to mind after working with him on other projects and watching his performances. I knew he was the right fit when we were searching for the voice for Rayman and the voice he gave in his performance was phenomenal, even researching the character prior to said performance. He has range and emotions. He reprised the role as Rayman in the Rayman V Trailer (Fadel Direct Submission) which appeared in Gamescage’s Fadel Direct 4. He has also voiced the Chocobos in my FFSX Remake Villains Visions audiodrama. 

  • @mariskyva

    J-Ros plays Fuyuhiko (aka Baby Gangsta XD) in my Danganronpa 2 fandub.

    He's a great VA, gets lines done on time, and is prompt about sending me updates.
    He's also a fun guy to be around as well! He always makes me and my team laugh whenever he's in VC with us.

    Def get this guy on your team!

  • @babytt

    He's an amazing VA and has helped with an audiobook project of mine [The Crucible]!
    He's responsible, professional, and always turning in his voice lines on time. I had such an incredible time working with him! 


    SWSP Director L

  • @mdprime

    I've been in a number of projects with J-Ros and I can tell you he's a very versatile actor that will often surprise you with the kinds of characters he can construct on the fly. Not to mention he's just awesome to have around. I highly recommend!

  • @iricrescent

    Voicing a main supportive character on my project, J-Ros, professionally and with honesty, will do his best to give you exactly what he says he’ll do, never anything less and always doing more to improve himself. Very rarely do I see anyone work as hard as J-Ros does, and with the amount of dedication and drive to match it. Incredible vocal range, lines turned in on time, and a hyper focus to get work done, he is someone you can trust and you will be very happy to have him on your team.

  • @hungryheracross

    I have worked with J-Ros on a few projects before, and I can definitely say that they are very efficient with their work, as well as being a blast to interact with. He hands in his work as soon as he is able and does great takes with his lines. Overall a great guy and a great VA.