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About VoicesOfWynn

Voices of wynn is a project that is adding voices to the huge Minecraft MMORPG Wynncraft.

To find more about this project you can watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/RIeDziFpoWI , check out our website https://voicesofwynn.com/ or/and join the discord server https://discord.gg/voicesofwynn

  • @bradbeadlevo

    The project was well-managed, they knew what they were doing designing their mod! They got back to me quickly, provided me quick and concrete feedback and our interaction was fun and easy-going. If only all of my projects were this good. Thanks!

  • @chrithmuthwolf

    VoicesOfWynn is an absolute charm to work with, keeping a fun and professional demeanor and genuinely engaging! I helped out recently on a newer project of theirs, Wynncraft, and was blown away by how tidy and smooth everything went in submitting my recordings, and the feedback I received. I would DEFINITELY work with them again in a heartbeat, if I am ever called upon!

  • @FateSpoiled

    VoW is an incredible community to work with. The voice managers are friendly, always offering advice to those who want it, and the general community is wonderful.

    Working with the team has been professional, yet eye-opening. They've allowed me to explore and learn about voice acting as I go, and don't hold any air of elitism. If this is your first project, have no fear! You're in good hands with this team.

  • @ikoala88

    Voicesofwynn was great to work with.  They were kind and had smooth communication.  Thank you so much for having me on this project, I can’t wait to see it.  

  • @Dougy_uk

    Working with VoicesOfWynn has been a great experience for me. As a fan of Minecraft I was instantly hooked in, but it was their characters that made me audition. I really enjoyed the chance of playing Thomas and working with the team has been really easy and enjoyable. If you get a chance to work on one of their projects in future I would recommend it. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

  • @kaouthomn

    The Voices of Wynn project is an under-the-radar piece of MMORPG industry Gold. The production team is well-organized, professional, and responsive. It's a joy to be of service to the project (and my kid loves it!). Great work kmaxi!

  • @tomdiamond

    They knew exactly what they wanted and were very easy to work with, would definitely recommend working with them.

  • @ryan_lavoie

    They were absolutely wonderful to work with, gave very clear instructions and was very easy to work with. It was a pleasure working for their project!

  • @harudori

    VoicesofWynn is an awesome team to work with! They replied very fast to a question I had about one of my lines, and always kept a positive attitude when providing the script and receiving my recordings. Definitely a project to recommend for anyone who wants a project with simple directions and a friendly director.

  • @Oskar1Thiele

    I've voice acted two characters for their Voices of Wynn Minecraft mod and both times it's been a pure pleasure doing it for them. They've been direct, effective and professional in the way that they work so I can't recommend them enough!

  • @Everland13

    The People who run Voices of Wynn are great! Fast responses, friendly, and easy to work for! 

  • @kaouthomn

    (kmaxi) is clearly an up-and-coming professional with sensibility and self drive. His supportive contributions add depth to fine work, and his humble commitment is apparent in his demeanor and the quality of his product. A pleasure to work with. (Cast/Dialogue Editor, Voices of Wynn)

  • @coyote123

    Very helpful and straight forward. Very easy to work with.

  • @coyote123

    Straight forward and easy to work with.