Melissa Bowens

Melissa Bowens

Voice Actress. 

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About Melissa Bowens

Melissa Bowens has been professionally voice acting since the beginning of 2022 and has voiced numerous projects from animation and narration to audio dramas and video games. She has voiced characters and narrations for Pinball Productions, Girl Power Audio, Sound Mind Games, Scootertrix Studios, DoubleJump Studios, Pulsarnik Productions, Among the Stacks, Geek Films, We the Celestials, and many other amazing and talented studios. Melissa can be heard as the many voices of both boy and girl children, young adult women, and mothers as well as villains, creatures, and robots. She absolutely loves what she does by being able to breathe life into characters created from artists.

Please credit as: Melissa Bowens 

Tech: Audacity. Blue Yeti mic. Small space recording spot with acoustic paneling. 

Time Zone: Pacific

What Melissa Bowens is looking for

I’m currently looking for paid, self directed roles. If you’d like to hire me or have questions in regards to my rates, please send me a message with info on your project. 

  • @elf22

    After liking her audition but not ultimately selecting Melissa for one of our casting calls, we let her privately audition for another role. We were MORE than satisfied with her audition and gave her the role which called for a variety of emotions (e.g. nervousness, sadness, worry, elation, revenge, etc).

    As good as her audition was, her completed performance was even better, totally NAILING the character!  Looking at her profile, I see she only has 13 followers currently, but CC producers should take note and give Melissa a follow -- and an audition.  We're certainly happy we did, and we will not hesitate to use her in other upcoming productions!

  • @nik44

    She has an incredible talent in voice acting, even by reproducing multiple emotions of a character. The voices for a female character for my horror game were awesome.
    I really recommend her!

  • @mas_

    We've worked with Melissa on several occasions and she has always provided high quality voice acting and extremely quick turnaround times. Easy to work with and would highly recommend for any of your own projects.

  • @whanowa

    Melissa was a real life saver for my project. While others wouldn't even respond she replied quickly and professionally, delivering her lines perfectly with very little direction. I am very happy to have found her and will certainly work with her again in future projects!

  • @katabelle

    we are in like 5 projects together! Melissa is a great friend and cast member with an amazing voice :D hugs

  • @newjerseyartist

    Hoo, boy. Where do I start with Melissa Bowens? This is probably gonna sound redundant as hell, but here's the thing: I don't care if it is. I'm saying it from the heart. Melissa is one of the most talented, hard-working, most sweetest VA I've ever encountered. She's always reliable, knows how to get the job done, and pours her heart and soul into the characters she voices. To be perfectly honest, it'll be damning of me to not give her voiceover work again, because, like I said, she's one of the finest VAs I've ever worked with, and I couldn't be any more happier to have her onboard in my projects, including the so soon-to-be Strange Journey trilogy. I'm looking forward to work with her again.

  • @mattman

    Melissa was a joy to work with and nailed the character. Great audio quality, genuine performance, and done in a timely fashion. Would definitely work with again. 

  • @znojdziem

    She has an incredible talent in voice acting

  • @Flowers_from_Daisy_Studios

    Very pleasant to work with^^ Great communication and overall very nice to talk to! I would love to continue working with her on future projects^^

  • @octahedralprism

    Melissa's performance was delivered with skill and excellence, with intuitive tone and tempo, and met deadlines.

  • @CaseyLCovel

    I had the pleasure of working on the ongoing Tokuden Series project with Melissa, who plays Luxya. Melissa's unique voice makes her a perfect fit for this character, capturing her dignity, grace, emotional burdens, and responsibilities. Her reads are clean, high-quality, and always delivered within the promised deadlines. Not only that, but she's also someone invested in the characters she brings to life, asking the director for specific guidelines to better understand her character's psychology and headspace. Work with Melissa, and you're guaranteed to work with a professional who takes the voice-acting business seriously.