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About Jezroth

I'm actually a GM by trade and kinda here as a way to try and expand my horizons and improve my voice work. 

I often spend regular time working on my voice and new ways to utilise it. 

If you have a specific request or something you'd like to see/hear, lemme know and I'd be happy to give it a try!

  • @renarahawke

    I worked Jezroth on MattMan's Darkest Dungeon: The Creature Collectors Video.
    He utterly smashed it when it came to playing Alhazred, The Occultist. He is a very well ranged Voice actor and has a talent for accents, remaining clear and understandable even with an accent being so thick.
    I would recommend Jezroth, his range is great, his work ethic is great, all-round a good VA to have on your team.

  • @mattman

    Jezroth portraited Alhazred, The Occultist in the Darkest Dungeon: The Creature Collectors. He gave a good performance shifting between philosophical and wonderous. He was very open to feedback and different interpretations on how the character should be portraited. An excellent addition to our cast.