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About Renara Hawke

Hey Everyone, Renara Hawke here ^^

I'm a Creator living in England, Specialising in Voicework, Voice acting, and singing (Check out my Youtube channel to hear my work) 

My background is in Film Production, in production and directing roles, however, I have worked both behind and in front of the camera

I am currently finalizing my VA work for Skwywind Voice several Dunmer females.

Please feel free to message me anytime ^^

My YT Channel:

My discord is RenaraHawke#9107
My Twitter is @RenaraHawke
My website is:

with love and light
- Ren


All rates can be found on my website ^^

What Renara Hawke is looking for

Any paid roles. ^^

I will not do erotica or anything with sex scenes.

  • @barkervo

    I worked alongside Renara on a “Darkest Dungeon”-related project. Although our interactions took place entirely via text-based chat, I had an immediate sense of Renara’s dedication to her work, her efficiency, and her overall kindness as a human being. I’d be glad to work with her again!

  • @mattman

    Renara was an absolute joy to work with. I've worked with her twice so far on my Darkest Dungeon related content. She did an amazing performance as the Talon Mother and again in The Creature Collectors as Margaret. She has a pure dedication and talent to her craft. That's not even including all the extra work she put in on helping me with the ambience. sound effects, and giving me feedback on my own performance. My work would not be as good if it wasn't for her assistance. She is a great person to have on your team and I look forward to working with her again.

  • @jezroth

    Renara was pleasant to work alongside and approachable in our chats. Her work was exceptional and filled the character with a life of its own.

  • @thewritevictor

    Ms. Hawke is passionate and professional and has her sights on the goal. Her voice is versatile and her acting chops are real. Nothing to sweat if you're working with her.

  • @rishi-katz

    Renara is great to work with. She gives clear and concise directions, and was willing to answer all my silly questions about what she wanted for the character. :)

  • @mattman

    I've worked with Renara multiple times on Darkest Dungeon related videos. Each time she has done an amazing performance. As Talon Mother, Margaret the Musketeer, and as the narrator for the Countess. Every time she perfectly portrays the role, and she helped with my own performances on the projects. I look forward to any project I know she will have a hand it, because I know she will put the effort to make it entertaining.