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About Zamoody

I have been active with Looking Glass Theater in San Diego since 2014. I have completed plays, musicals and readers theatre in San Diego California.

I also have a Fiverr account at:
Name: Eduardo Riedel
Discord: Zamoody#9678

  • @mattman

    An absolute joy to work with.

    A stand-up guy who was able to do an amazing performance in a timely manner. He nailed the role and I would cast him again in a heartbeat.

  • @projecthydra

    Zamoody is a fantastic Voice Actor! The way how he can express his emotions is just amazing. The communication was fast and professional. His audition for my project was above all expectations and I feel extremely lucky that I had the opportunity to have him in my team.

    I highly recommend him for any project.

    Thank you one more time!

  • @renarahawke

    I worked with Zamoody on Mattman's Darkest Dungeon: The Creature Collectors Video.
    Zamoody gave a brilliant performance as Willam, The Houndmaster.
    He is able to give a really nuanced performance, really able to subtly bring forth hints of emotion for a multi-layered complex character.
    I would recommend him for any project really, he's reliable, hard-working and dedicated to his craft.

  • @mattman

    I've worked with Zamoody twice on two of my Darkest Dungeon related projects and each time he has been an absolute professional and a joy to work with. He takes direction very well, open to retakes, and to top is all off, is an amazing singer. Easily the best casting choice I've made.

  • @zvw1995

    What can I say about this guy? He did an amazing job on my DC Audio, The Ultimate Riddle, as the Joker. He was also very fun to work with and I really appreciated the good communication we had with each other. This man is really a great asset to any project that he's involved in, and I look forward to working with him even more on future projects, but also recommend him to all who are needing a role cast for their project or projects!

  • @mattman

    He is a professional in every sense of the word. I've worked with Zamoody multiple times on Darkest Dungeon projects and each time he nails the role. He was in my first project as the Bounty Hunter, then as Willam the Houndmaster, and finally as the Miller narrator in The Ancestor. He took direction very well, open to retakes, and just an all around good person. Easily the best casting choice I've made.