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Jett Barker | Any pronouns | PST/PDT timezone

Jett Barker is a British-American voice actor based in Los Angeles, California. They have over 10 years of experience in theatre and voice-over, and over 15 years of experience as a musician.

Heard in: Shadowverse, Record of Ragnarok, MerFight, Phantom Hysteria, Kingsblood, Fight Back VR, AFK Arena (up to patch 1.105), 25+ visual novels, and much more!

Please see this page for a full resume, and this one for home studio specs. Thanks!

  • @renarahawke

    I worked with BakerVO on MattMan's Darkest Dungeon: The Creature Collectors Video.
    Even though their part was small as the Unnamed Vestal, they still put 100% if not more into their performance, providing a stunning opening for the video which really captivates you.
    I would recommend them for any project, they are a kind, funny, hard-working and talented voice actor and I'm excited to see what else lays in store for them. ^^

  • @mattman

    Great attitude and work ethic. I worked with Barker on my Darkest Dungeon Journal Readings. While she had a small role at the start, she had a important one of foreshadowing the events that were about to transpire. She nailed the performance of someone who witnessed something horrible that shook her to her bones. She stuck with the project after the fact as well, encouraging others and supporting them in their performances.

  • @StephVarens_VA

    I had the pleasure of working with Jett on the visual novel, "Royal Duality." Her talent and work ethic are unparalleled. She fully embraces her character, delivering performances that are organic, heartfelt, and powerful. She never ceases to impress. She is constantly learning and developing her craft, and she genuinely wants to help her fellow voice actors grow, as well. Each time she takes a step forward, she strives to bring others with her. Jett embodies the “build people up, don’t tear them down” mentality that the community needs more of. She is one of the friendliest, funniest, and most supportive people you could ever meet.

  • @quinn-reed

    Jett is amazing to work with. We worked together on Royal Duality. She is a delight to talk to outside of work. Her singing voice is incredible, too. As far as acting goes, there are few better suited for this work! I thoroughly recommend her for whatever you have going on.

  • @martinbeadle

    Jett is an absolute gem. I worked with her on a visual novel project and was impressed by her abilities. Her ability to capture a character is unrivalled. I have recommended Jett in other projects as she has so much talent and performance to offer. Professionally, I envy her time management skills, and work rate: she is a producers dream!

  • @mattman

    Great attitude and work ethic. I've worked with Jett twice now. The first time was for a minor role in the Creature Collectors, but the second role was massive as the Hag narrator in The Ancestor. That role was difficult to pull off, with shifting tones and accents, and slowly creeping into madness and she nailed it perfectly. Even when we needed to re-record something she was very receptive to the feedback and the final performance was something to behold.

  • @sazzle04

    Jett is a superb all-rounder who has made an invaluable contribution to our visual novel project. Their approach has been both enthusiastic and supportive- going the extra mile to help the team and project prosper. Jett played one of the main character's in Royal Duality, whilst it would be easy to play said character in a stereotypical manner, Jett worked hard to understand the character and delivered a superb performance...this has been well received by play-testers who have marvelled at the humour, gentle and empathic performance.
    Jett also has an extremely thorough understanding of the process of game creation and an excellent grasp of sound design. Delivery was prompt and required no additional takes I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jett for any project and hope to work again with them in the future.

  • @theEastPatch

    Jett is the perfect storm of fun and professional. They come prepared, fully embrace their character, have a nuanced control of their talent, and are extremely pleasant to chat with and direct. It was a pleasure having them join our project and we can't recommend them enough!