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I am a big fan of the Golden Age of Radio (1920s-1950s).  One of the great, freeing things about voice acting is that you're not locked into your physical attributes.  It's all about your acting talent and your skill in manipulating your voice.

One of my role models is actress Virginia Gregg, who could voice any character from young to old, high society to scullery cook, innocent to femme fatale, and everything in between including a wide array of accents.  Although she never held an iconic lead role, as a character actress she was in high demand and was never out of work.

I am relatively new to voice acting but have spent many years on stage in community theatre.  I played leads in productions of The Foreigner, Who Murdered Marsha, and No More Homework; and was among the support/ensemble casts for Amadeus, Fiddler on the Roof, Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Fortinbras.

I did enjoy two semi-professional jobs on the Children's Television Workshop program "Mathnet" as an extra in the episodes "The Case of the Un-Natural" and "The Calpurnian Kugel Caper."

As a vocalist, I have decades of experience in musical theater and as a soloist, core choir member, worship leader, and ensemble work.  Although I am a mezzo-soprano, my comfort zone is at the low end of the range, and believe the soulful ballads of the big band era are an alto's best friend.

My YouTube VA portfolio can be found here: 


I am a theatre-in-the-blood hobbyist with aspirations.  I don't actively seek payment, I just want to enjoy flexing my vocal chords and seeing where it all leads.  (That being said..... I wouldn't refuse payment, if offered by the project director.)


Links are provided for completed projects.  All others are actively in production.

Project: Lancers, A Halo 5 Machinima
Role: Vigilante

Project: Star Wars: Princess Leia, Vol. #5
Role: Tula

Project: Disney Kingdoms "Figment" by Marvel
Roles: Chimera, Mrs. Mercurial

Project: Spiderman Clone Sage #1 / Motion Comic Dub
Roles: Aunt May, Doctor (extra), and Cook (extra)

Project: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, chapter 1
Role: Narrator

Project: Star Wars, Legends (eps .7-17)

Role: Sith Captain Yarri and Misc. Extras

Episode 7:  Mandalorian Dock Captain:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJMTCfuG6sU&feature=youtu.be

Episode 9: Guard #3

Episode 10: Attendant & Unit 5 Trooper

Project: Fall of Lotus, a Star Wars Machinima
Role: Seventh Sister

Project: "Sins of the Spider: The Sensational Spiderman"
Role: Captain Jean DeWolff

Project: Sly Cooper: Thieving from the Best
Role: Beatrice Batlavia

Project:  MLP Dramatic Reading, "Mare Do Well"
Role: Narrator

Project: Camp Moonshine (Offsite project)
Role: Alison

Project: Star Wars - Screams of a Galaxy

Role: Mon Mothma

Project: Ignited Souls: The Fire Before - Episode 1: Born from Fire (prologue) 
Role: Jasmine

Project:  (Game of Thrones) Audiobook Recordings
Role: Narrator (Whole Book)

Project: Marvel Comics Star Wars #1 to #12
Role: Mon Mothma (episode #4)  https://youtu.be/IH3rDZvBL8k

Role: Imperial Captain (episode #7)
Role: Computer Voice (episode #12) 

Project:  Galaxy's Edge, A Star Wars Story
Role: General Leia Organa

Project: The Copper Coffee Shop
Role: Yordana Samson (chapter one)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY4y0L6CeJk
Role: Erin (chapter two)

Project: Vigilante
Role: Amy (Mom) / Maleficent

Project: Justice League New52 motion comic (Vol. 2 finale)
Roles: Martha Wayne and Martha Kent

Project: New World Adventures audiobook chapter 1
Role: Another Guard (extra)

Project: The Strip! with Walter & Bunny 
Role: Bunny (beginning at season 1, episode 8)
Role: Marjorie, the Evil Gypsy (season 2, episode 1)
Follow the adventures on the Atomic Wolf YouTube channel   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFFVye_yZ6xKoBStm3Kgubw/featured

Project: Tales of Arillion

Role: Narrator

Ellie, the Mule-Bred  https://youtu.be/ZwRc_SCgdJM

Lydus' Moral Dilemma (chapter 1) https://youtu.be/QYCFzTSdE9A

Project: Sci-Fi Audioplay (Beyond School podcast)
Role: Amelia (a.k.a. one-armed Shaker)
Episodes 27, 28 and 30

Project: The Shadow
Air Freight Fracas
Role: Airport Announcer (extra)

Murder in the Sun

Role: Miss Sonya Orloff

The Heartbeat of Death

Role: Miss Hepzibah Sefton

The Master of Torture

Role: Hotel Clerk (extra)

The Bells of St. Peter's

Role: Teresa (The Housekeeper)

The Curse of Baldring Heights

Role: Mrs. Elly Baldring 


"You have a voice that can make an honest living, simply from doing audiobooks." - KylePindor, Casting Call Club.

Casting Calls and Auditons

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