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2020 Audio Verse Awards Nominee - Supporting Role, New Audio Play

2021 Audio Verse Award Nominee - Ensemble Role, New Audio Play; and Lead role in an Audio Play

NowVoiceThis6, Round Two - July 2020
NowVoiceThis8, Round Three - June 2021
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I am a big fan of the Golden Age of Radio (1920s-1950s).  One of the great, freeing things about voice acting is that you're not locked into your physical attributes.  It's all about your acting talent and your skill in manipulating your voice.

One of my role models is actress Virginia Gregg, who could voice any character from young to old, high society to scullery cook, innocent to femme fatale, and everything in between including a wide array of accents.  Although she never held an iconic lead role, as a character actress she was in high demand and was never out of work.

I am relatively new to voice acting but have spent many years on stage in community theatre.  I played leads in productions of The Foreigner, Who Murdered Marsha, and No More Homework; and was among the support/ensemble casts for Amadeus, Fiddler on the Roof, Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Fortinbras.

I did enjoy two semi-professional jobs on the Children's Television Workshop program "Mathnet" as an extra in the episodes "The Case of the Un-Natural" and "The Calpurnian Kugel Caper."

As a vocalist, I have decades of experience in musical theater and as a soloist, core choir member, worship leader, and ensemble work.  Although I am a mezzo-soprano, my comfort zone is at the low end of the range, and believe the soulful ballads of the big band era are an alto's best friend.

My YouTube VA portfolio can be found here: 


I am a theatre-in-the-blood hobbyist with aspirations.  I don't actively seek payment, I just want to enjoy flexing my vocal chords and seeing where it all leads.  (That being said..... I wouldn't refuse payment, if offered by the project director.)


Links are provided for completed projects.  All others are actively in production.

Role: Mrs. White

Role: Tessie

Role: Announcer

Role: Mareena

Roles: Mon Mothma, Grand Admiral Rae Sloane
(The serialized story begins as the second item on the playlist)

Role: Queen Teina

Role: April O'Neil

Role: Ms. Bierly

Role: Narrator

Roles: Peggy Carter and Scientist 1

Roles: Chancellor Mothma, Captain Phasma

Role: Ssaria

Roles: Chalie's Mom, Demon Black

Role: Avar Kriss (Holocron)

Role: Simone

Story Circle Theater - Narrator

Role:  Padawan Kass

Role: Grist

Role: Sly Moore

Roles: Winter Scorpion, Crusader Rheka Divaker, Arissa, Candy Caufield, 2 extras

Role: Sly Moore

Role: The Ringmaster

Star Wars Republic (1998) Emissaries to Malistare (comic dub)
Role(s): Adi Gallia, Yaddle

Role: female Daleks

Role: Toddler Leia

Roles: Mercy Graves, Summer Gleeson

Roles: Handmaiden1, Female Recruit, and Mrs. Secretary

Role(s): Nya's Mother, Asajjj Ventress

Role: The Doctor

Role: Dowager Empress Marie (alto)

Role: Tilotny

Role: Wife

Role: Odette

Role: Yaddle

Role: Monika

Roles: Yaddle, Adi Gallia, Jocasta Nu

Role: Senator Nadea Tural

Role: Aunt May

Role: Abigail Raggio

Role: Governor

Signa-33Z audio drama -- Reimagined as Entropy

Role: Alysia (Lisa) Atkins

Role: Queen Prizzi

Role:  Dolores Rogers

Role: Katherine Bellevue

The Artifex Event 

Episode One  Role: Vraz

Episode Three  Role: Speaker Nyx

Episode Four  Role: Block Overseer

Episode Five  Roles: Block Oversee and Moira

Role: woman (extra)

Roles: Frigga, Asgaardian Guardswoman

Role: Peggy Carter

The Scrolls of Nulyn audio drama
Role: Queen Teina

Role: Gardulla the Hutt

Role: Narrator

Spark of Hope (A Jedi Academy Machinima)
Role: Seventh Sister

Full Metal Alchemist (manga dub)
Roles:  Izumi Curtis and extras

Chapter 4 - Role: Woman (extra) - IMDb listing for this project

Role: Teela

Role: Galadriel, Lady of Lothlorien

Role: Marianne Thomas

Role: Rose the Bartender

Star Wars: Clone Wars fandubs
Role: Adi Gallia

Role: Betty Tolin

Role: Mandalorian (extra)

Role: Jean (Ralph's ex-wife)

Roles: Aunt May & extras

Albion: The Old Kingdom  Trailer

Episode 1  Role: Brida

Episode 2  Role: Lady Alaya Grey, the Queen Regent

Episode 3  Role: Scarlet Robe

Episode 4  Role: Lady Grey

Role: Stargirl fans #2 and #3

Star Wars: Kindred Spirits (comic dub)
Role: Female Pilot

Joey Drew Studios Full Playlist on YouTube
Role: Lacy Benton

Role: Aki

Roles: Master Yaddle, Master Adi Gallia  

Book 1 - "Fractured"  
Roles: Radio Announcer; Councilor #3 (extras); Camelia Claustra, First Secretary

Book 2 - "Remnant" (asst. extras)

Book 3 - "Restored" (asst. extras)

Star Wars: Age of the Republic/Rebellion/Resistance (comic dub series)

Darth Maul - Role: Female Zabrak 

Anakin Skywalker - Role: Shmi Skywalker

Obi-Wan Kenobi -  Role: Mistress Clatriffe 

Jango Fett - Role: Bounty Princess

Republic Special - Role: Oosalon Freedom Fighter

Mace Windu -- Role: Freedom Fighter

Padme Amidala - Role: Dormé

Biggs & Porkins - Role: Imperial Officer

Rebellion Special - Role: Imperial Officer

Han Solo - Role: Twi'lek Smuggler (extra)

Lando Calrissian - Role: Imperium Welcoming Crew

Luke Skywalker - Role(s): Female Rebels (extras)

BB-8 - Role: First Order Commander

Resistance Special - Roles: Admiral Holda, 1st Order Commander

Poe Dameron - Role: Admiral Holda

Kylo Ren - Role: Avar Kriss (Holocron Woman)

Rose Tiko - Role: Mrs. Tiko

Rey - Role: Ara Nea

Roles: Capt. Filia Rossi, Arihnda Pryce, Elainye Pryce,  Imperial Officer

Role: Toriel

Role: Jocosta Nu

Role: Rozzetta (Roz)

Role: Shmi Skywalker

Role: Mockingbird/Bobbi Morse

Pastaween 2018 - Short stories from Creepy Pasta

Chatroom D  Role: DtDtDjUD3

Jeff the Killer  Role: Jeff's Mom

Magic Story / Return to Ravnica  audio dramas

Fblthp  Role: Arrester Parrisha

Testing the Dark Waters  Role: Leighbet/Narrator

Children of the Nameless  Role: Merlinde

Nymphs of Theros  Role: Dryad

Role: Tula

Role: Twin Female Guardians of the Galaxy

Role: Dr. Olivia Andrews (Episodes 6, 12, 14, 16, 17 and 18)

Role: Vice Admiral Rae Sloane

Batman, the Audio Drama (Guardians of Gotham)

Role: NYPD Detective Renee Montoya (Beginning with Season 1, Episode 2)

Roles: Script Editor, Additional Voices

Role(s): Mrs. Mercurial, ch. 1; and Chimera, chs. 2-5 

Roles: Aunt May, Doctor (extra), and Cook (extra)

Role: Mrs. Morishita

Episode 7:  Mandalorian Dock Captain 

Episode 9:  Guard #3 

Episode 10:  Attendant Yarri & Unit 5 Trooper 

Episode 11:  Master Stucea & Mandalorian Sargeant 

Role: Seventh Sister

"A Song of Ice & Fire" Audio Readings
Role: Narrator (Whole Book)

Roles: Mon Mothma, Imperial Captain, Stormtrooper, Arena AI

Roles: Mon Mothma, Computer Voice

Episode 18  Role: Screaming Prisoner (extra)

Episode 21  Role: Misty

Episode 22  Role: Red Nine

Episode 23  Role(s): Mon Mothma, Misty

Episode 24  Role: Misty

Episode 25  Role: Misty

Roles: Martha Wayne and Martha Kent

Role: "Another" Guard (extra)

Role: Bunny, 21 episodes (S1E8 thru S3E2B) 

The Case of the Gypsy's Curse  Role: Marjorie, the Evil Gypsy (S2E1)

"Tales of Arillion" Audio Dramas

Role: Narrator

The Shadow Radio Recreations

The Mine Hunters  Role: Stewardess (extra)

Death Rides the Skyway  Role: Glenda Tammer

The Face of Death  Role(s): Helen Steel/Medusa

Career in Crime  Role: Store Clerk (extra)

The Long Arm of Death  Role: Grace Randolph

Death by Chapter  Role: Mrs. Meggs

The Vision of Death Role: Victoria Randolph

Struggle With Death  Role: Hazel Foster

The Shadow's Revenge  Role: Annie de la Tour

The Hands of Death  Role: Netta Shaw

Air Freight Fracas  Role: Airport Announcer (extra)

Murder in the Sun  Role: Miss Sonya Orloff

The Heartbeat of Death  Role: Miss Hepzibah Sefton

The Master of Torture  Role: Hotel Clerk (extra)

The Bells of Saint Peter's  Role: Teresa (The Housekeeper)

The Curse of Baldring Heights  Role: Mrs. Elly Baldring 


"You have a voice that can make an honest living, simply from doing audiobooks." - KylePindor, Casting Call Club.

"I own the Audible version but can't get into it because of the voice actor (no offense to him, simply my opinion and that happens).  Sharon's voice (!!) is perfect!" - Paige C, via YouTube.

Of the five actresses who voice Jedi Master Adi Gallia (Star Wars), YouTube vlogger Lukimus Prime  had this to say:

          My Own Rating:  Sharon Grünwald - 👍🏻👍🏻 

          Final Ranking:: #2. Sharon Grünwald

"I love the narrator's voice, she acts the dialogue brilliantly.  Really brings the book to life."  - Daniel S, via YouTube

"I appreciate [Sharon's] reading of "The Song of Ice and Fire" so much.  It's the most splendid narration ever - an amazing voice.  Thank you immensely.  Recently, Tokybooks uploaded the first ten chapters of "A Dance with Dragons."  I would play money for the whole thing." - @MarksAbot, via Twitter

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