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About gcs1992

Writer and Director. Long standing freelancer on the internet providing free entertainment and virtual aviation support.

Note: To audition and to be casted for a project, you need to provide the following:
 - Provide a good quality audition
 - Then make good two-way communication
Once you have completed those two, you will pass and be casted into the role. Two-way communication is vital for directing as well as handing you the script and sending over the recorded lines. Two-way communication also expresses your interest to participate in a project. Thank you and happy auditioning! 

GCS offline days are posted onto http://gcs1992.deviantart.com 



  • @rainedrops

    Easy to work for, has planned scripts ready/ahead of time rather than working on a script after casting people. He is also fairly generous/flexible and understanding about deadlines too

  • @michael6230

    I worked with GSC1992 on the "SuperBirds X" series on YouTube. He was the writer, director and producer of the series. He is easy to work with and a very professional individual. Any question I may have had, he was quick to respond to. We even had audio chats and his ability to give clear instruction and listen to any ideas you may have is second to none. He is also very understanding when it comes to deadlines and flexible.

    An excellent communicator and passionate creative leaves gsc1992 a great person to work for. I consider him a friend. I highly recommend him!