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Hello, my name is Jonathan.
I am an aspiring voice actor who has a degree in Film production, and a hobby for Illustration. An odd combo, perhaps, but it allows me to do an enormous amount of things.

As far as my voice acting is concerned, I've been practicing for nearly 10 years, starting out with impersonations of characters and scenes on Youtube, transitioning into costumed impersonations, but more recently have started to focus on my own original sound. I now try to design and cultivate my unique voices, and rely less on my impressions. Because even when they're good, they'll never sound as good as just being myself.

My personal muse is the late great Paul Frees. With decades of radio work, narration, and many memorable characters from Disney to Rankin/Bass within his portfolio, no one but Frank Welker even comes close to matching his extensive resume. And since my voice sits at about the same range as his did, I have always aspired to land similar roles, including ones similar to Paul's most famous, Prof. Ludwig Von Drake.

I think I've worked the hardest to develop my range, giving myself the option to perform both high-pitched and deep voices. I've also spent many years working on some female voices. When you want a woman's voice, of course, it's always best to hire an actress. But, creating a feminine voice is an exciting challenge, and one that may prove helpful or ideal to someone down the road.

Hope to have fun and meet some exciting people here. If you like what I've done so far, I promise you won't be disappointed with what I can do for your project.



My imitation of Mako's opening dialogue for "Samurai Jack" was used with permission by NoneLikeJoshua for his "Samurai Jack Rap."

I have recently joined the Fanboy Features fan-film group, who produce projects using Battlefront II in-game footage. As a precursor to one of their films, I was asked to perform an audio drama scene as both Governor Tarkin and Director Orson Krennic, as a way of introducing my voices to the group and the crew. I consider this some of my best acting to date.

Humphrey Erm also asked me to read the opening monologue to Samurai Jack, but with minor changes, as Discord, for a My Little Pony mashup project. Extremely well animated I must say.


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