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About Shin Red Dear

Hello, my name is Guillaume Babey, known online as Shin Red Dear.

I am an amateur illustrator, stage performer and voice actor. I am a vocal mercenary, able to do a variety of voices, from innocent to mischievious, villainous to monstrous. I mostly do british accents (RP, Cockney, Scottish) but can do american ones as well. I am also efficient in European accents, from French to German. I am also used to the narrator's role.

I have participated to the Twelfth Doctor Audio Adventures where I provided additional voices and monsters, including the Daleks. I am voicing the Twelfth Doctor himself for the Twelfth Doctor fan Audios, Rassilon's Game, and other Doctor Who fan project. I have done similar works for the audio fiction Verity Weaver.

I am also a regular voice for Infinity Productions' fandub of Detective Conan/Case Closed as Shuichi Akai.

Other copyrighted characters include The Joker and Kermit the Frog.

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