Your average I am a non-professional Content creator/ Voice actor and High class noob.

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About Jaeden-Man89

Hi, My name is Jaeden Walton/ Jaeden Man89, I am a non-professional Content creator/ Voice Actor and High class noob. I make non-profit Pro-Bono Comic dubs based on various Cartoons and Video Games for a living.

I'm good at Drawing, Editing videos, making music (Sorta), and overall making mediocre YouTube videos for peoples entertainment.

Contact me at my email

jaedenwalton @gmail .comĀ 

Let's collaborate some time.


Pfft... What rates?

What Jaeden-Man89 is looking for

Any project that I can either help edit, or voice for.
No NSFW stuff.

  • @darknightprincess

    Jaeden Man's content is really good, especially his comic dubs. I have been voicing Peach for quite a few of his YouTube videos. I love the quality of his editing and how he finishes videos quite quickly. Working with Jaeden is amazing ^^

  • @vendettadylan_

    Jaeden here is highly generous and very helpful especially as one of his many voice actors. Whether you're starting out and looking for comic dub to partake in or new and well experienced, Jaeden here is more than happy to take you on board, and more than happy to grant new opportunities as time goes on.