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About Cruelhouse

Cruelhouse is the creative partnership of screenwriter Sem Roolvink and artist/character designer Noah Segura.

We are currently in development of our first big project, PENTHOS, a visual novel that we hope to release in 2021.

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    I've worked with a plethora of talented people in my voice over career thus far, but I can truly say that the team in charge of CruelHouse is one of the most talented group people I've ever worked with. Sem is a brilliant writer, able to bring to life amazing characters and worlds while weaving an engaging plot. Noah is a fantastic artist! His style has such personality to it and it brings each character to life beyond just being a sprite. Azure and the music team also kill it!

    Truly honored to be a part of this team.

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    Sem and Noah are fantastic and incredibly talented people. From beautiful art to a masterful script, it has been an absolute pleasure working with these two. Not to mention, they're great company to keep and are tons of fun to be around. I would be back in a heartbeat if they were to ask me to return!