I hope this message finds you well. My name is Keith Raiden, and I am the owner of Blue Flame Studios, a small Minecraft machinima team. We are currently in the midst of producing a new series called Project Helix and are also in the pre-production phase for a larger series called Revelations.

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If You'd Like to Contact Me, Here's my discord: keith.gaming

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    I can truly say that many of my fondest memories of voice acting were made while working with KeithGaming in the late Alpha Studios. Keith's drive to create is something I genuinely admire. Even while working on one project, he was always shooting out more ideas for future skits to produce or different future stories to one day tell. No matter what obstacle may stand in his way, you can never stop Keith from pushing forward to tell his stories. Not only is he a brilliant storyteller, but he is an absolute joy to work with. He is always very polite when it comes to working and I never once felt rushed when it came to deadlines. He has a very welcoming presence and I never felt intimidated. He was very understanding and thoughtful when it situations that arose in my own personal life. Inside and outside of work, he was a very pleasant person to be around. I enjoyed talking with Keith and hanging out as friends when we were not working on projects. I am very thankful for the time I got to spend working with KeithGaming and would absolutely recommend him to anyone possibly looking to work in a great environment.