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Hello, hello! My name is Mint Monster VA, or Mint-VA for short, and I have been an online voice actor for about 5 and a half years now. I am extremely hardworking and love to be useful to be other people, whether is be voice acting or any of my other skills (i.e., art, writing, basic audio/video editing). (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

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  • @kysaragii

    After working with Mint on a couple of things, she has shown, to me, to be talented and hard working when it comes to voice acting. Not only does she have a unique voice, with quite a range... may I add, but also has a very easy personality to get along with. I would recommend her, and have recommended her, to anyone who is in need of a competent and skillful voice actress.

  • @wammygirl2258

    Mint Monster Va is a wonderfully talented voice actress. She brings her 'A' game to every project she's in and brings any character she plays to life! She has an extremely versatile vocal range that blows the minds of many viewers and voice actors alike. Mint is an absolute joy to work with, she is professional, caring, and, determined, with an amazing work ethic. I have so much respect for her and i'm happy to recommend her! Those who work with her are extremely fortunate!

  • @xuan-vinh

    Mint is a wonderful person to talk to and work with. She's polite and gets straight to the point on what needs to be done. Despite the project being short, it was fun to lend my voice and I wouldn't mind to work with her again.

  • @kenesukun

    Mint Monster Va is an incredible voice actress and singer!