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About F_T_H

I am a aspiring audio design and engineer I hope to use CCC as a way to practice my talents the following two links are a couple of my works containing completely reworked audio for two episodes of Sword Art Online 2

Sword Art Online 2 audio rework episode 4 scene-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-iQ5VXMVdI

Sword Art online 2 audio rework [I did this one for fun]-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-7tcr-FxFU

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    makes awesome rps

  • @theluckyderp

    Makes awesome Storys

  • @cisconic

    F_T_H is a pleasure to work with. He's not overbearing, and he follows through on the project. F_T_H did not want to use my voice for the character I auditioned for, so instead of throwing me aside he messaged me offering another role.
    Excellent, passionate guy that treats his actors well.

  • @simone-mountain

    F_T_H is a great friend and even more awesome to work for. He's creative, fun, and really knows how to get the project going. He's open to criticism and takes your ideas seriously to help improve the project even further. I'm so happy to have been involved with his projects and can't wait to see more from him!