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Karin Heimdahl

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About Karin Heimdahl

I'm a drama teacher, podcaster and sometime voice actor who is looking to do more voice acting as it is just so much fun! I have extensive experience in amateur theatre as an actor and director, as well as some professional experience. 

I am also casting for my new audio drama Y2K which will hopefully be out in January 2020 - a show I am writing, producing and directing. 

When it comes to accents my natural accent is general American, but I am also very comfortable doing general British and French accents. I am of Swedish nationality and of course speak fluent Swedish, but you will not hear a Swedish accent in my English. I also speak fluent French (French French, though could probably pull off Belgian French as I have lived there. Not great at Canadian French.) without a detectable accent. I live in the CET (Central European) timezone.

  • @kenesukun

    Karin Heimdahl Is a very talented and honestly overqualified Voice Actress! She's been a pleasure to work along side with. ^^

  • @deleted151293

    I had a blast working with Karin on a one-shot audio drama called "Waiting to Die in a Tent, A Few Thoughts on Valhalla," an episode of my anthology series. Karin played the Valkyrie named Hildr and portrayed her as someone timeless and supernatural, but also psychologically tangible. A difficult balance! Karin was great.