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About CaseyVA

Hello! My name's Casey. 

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-> Discord Tag: marionette.ladybug#4444

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[Akko] Little Witch Academia ComicDub:

[Mirai Kuriyama] Beyond the Boundary Fandub:

[Amy] Webtoon Space Boy ComicDub:

[Rena] Webtoon Kind of Confidential ComicDub:

[D.VA] Overwatch Hana Song Impression Video:

[Chitoge Kirisaki] Nisekoi Drunk at Hot Springs Fandub:

[Urara Shirashi] Yamada-Kun & The Seven Witches Fandub:

[Nagisa Shiota] Assasination Classroom Nagisa & Karma Duel Fandub:

Disclaimer: These dubs are ranging from 2016 to 2017, and now 2019 my equipment at the time were VivaVideo as my editing software and recording software and it was on an IPad mini Mic in a (2016) 15 second video to (2017) 1 minute video for Instagram. I do not do anymore voice acting on Instagram anymore and have completely moved to the PC world.

[Persona] Here's my persona reference sheet:

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Personal Background : 

I'm a Twitch streamer who has an interest in voice acting. I've done Fandubs and Comicdubs on Instagram back in Early 2016 to Early 2017. I took a break from Instagram voice acting because I found it difficult to cram lines in a 1 minute video everyday. I did try to take it my work to YouTube but haven't had the time to post my own Fandubs or Comicdubs as of recently. I also honestly dislike doing impressions (audition and video wise) because as VA's it turns into an impression party in Discord servers.

Feedback is always appreciated:

I’m constantly learning new things about my voice and my range. That would be very welcome!.  If you know me, I'm in love with singing and will do it everywhere even if I don't know the words. 

Please let your criticism towards my voice and direction, be reasonable and respectable, if you tell me how my voice is just bad I won't know how to improve or how to direct myself to get any better. 

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    Casey is an incredibly talented VA and a pleasure to work and chat with!