Maisie Irene

Maisie Irene

he/she—Actor with a home recording booth.  American feminine voices from child to adult: sassy, brooding, ingenue, and more!

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About Maisie Irene

I have been performing in theatre for nearly a decade. I began studying acting in January of 2016, and started voice acting end of 2017, originally as a way to continue practicing the craft in between stage shows.

I perform American feminine voices from children to adult. Screams are among my favourite things to record.

Outside of acting, I also dabble in writing and a lot of nerding out over audio equipment. My current dream setup equipment-wise is an Austrian Audio OC18 large diaphragm condenser microphone, into a Grace Design m101 preamp, into my Solid State Logic SSL2+ interface.

Pronouns: he/she


CDawgVA's I Called A Fan's Mom

Evanit0’s The Complexities of Sexual Desire in Domestic Girlfriend

The Chief: Contradiction: The Greatest Mystery Game You've Never Played

Monica, Celia, Libuna, Extra: ExoSpace

Solarflare "Soul": Mistaken Warrior

Lidia: Team Angelon’s Along Came Evie

Fan Shows & Abridges-

Safaia: Duel Academy

Jolyne CujohWhat if 4KIDS Dubbed JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Yukiko Ayame: Kamen Rider Hami

Junko Enoshima: How Danganronpa Should Have Ended

Red Blood Cell: Covid at Work

Caster: Fate Stay Night In 11 Minutes

Karlamine: High School DxD Abridged

Comic & Fan Dubs-

Female Byleth: Both Byleths Try to Teach Pit

Jolyne: Jolyne's Eyebrows, Jolyne gets Excited, You look like a..., Cherry Emoji, Prison EscapeDeterminationKakyoin Looks Like...

Jolyne & Female Anasui: JJBA Comic Dub | Jolyne and Anasui

Little Jolyne: JJBA Comic Dub | That's How It Works?

Trish Una: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven - Chapter 2

Nami: One Piece English Fandub: Roronoa vs Cabaji

Takane: Mekakucity Actors (dub test)

Moeko Rakuyona: Helping Moeko—Yandere Simulator 1980s Mode, Unsabotaged Events—Yandere Sim 1980s Mode

LepiMapleStory: "Heroes of Maple" GMS Fandub

Extras: Project SBR

And more...
*some links may break over time as videos are moved and taken down by creators

Montgomery College - 2016

Fundamentals of Acting

Instructed by
Montgomery College - 2019

Voice & Diction

Instructed by
Montgomery College - 2019

Audio Production Techniques

Instructed by
Voice Acting Mastery - 2020

Online Voice Acting Workshop

Instructed by Crispin Freeman
Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Deb Munro
Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Deb Munro

Please contact me for rates.

What Maisie Irene is looking for

I am interested in a wide variety of projects.

I usually do not perform: impressions, machinima body acting (e.g. I will not log into Roblox to control a character for filming), in unscripted media

  • @kenesukun

    Maisie Irene is incredibly talented and a pleasure to chat and work with!

  • @maybracy

    Where to start? Maisie is an incredible girl with incredible talent. She takes critique very well and will gladly work with her director if an issue is brought up. She's really bringing these characters to life!

  • @petris

    I have worked with Maisie many times over the past year and it has been nothing but a joy! She always turns her lines in on time and delivers an excellent performance. She is very good about making sure the audio being turned in sounds its absolute best, I always appreciate the heck out of that!
    On top of being incredibly talented she is also just a joy to be around, very friendly and kind to the people around her and always there to help when someone needs it.
    Anyone that gets a chance to work with Maisie is one lucky person! You can't go wrong working with her! 100% someone to look for in the future!

  • @mollexi

    Maisie currently voices my edgy child, Safaia in my series. Just from her audition alone, I knew she was the right person! She is an absolute PRO and I hugely recommend her! Please hire her, she's awesome!

  • @fullasianjay

    Maisie Irene, what can I say except that she is absolutely amazing. The first day we worked together, her dedication to the craft and her acting absolutely blew me away. I knew from the get-go that Maisie would go far in this industry. Maisie has a fantastic voice and is willing to put their all into the characters given to them, brining them to life in so many ways. Maisie is also quite the tech wiz, even helping out fellow cast members with their DAWs and giving great recommendations and fixes for them. Anybody would be lucky to have Maisie on their team. I couldn't recommend anyone better.

  • @umifusion

    I was recently in a VA workshop with Maisie, and she was absolutely wonderful! Aside from her overall sunny personality and enthusiasm for VA, she took direction very well, always brought fun and interesting characters to the table, and provided support to everyone else in the class. I'd definitely recommend working with Maisie on your next project!