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About Jeremy

Jeremy is a professionally trained Voice Actor. After spending nearly two decades in the tech space, he decided to return to his acting roots while channeling all the technical and medical jargon that surrounded him over the years. Having started acting back in high school theater, the bug has bitten him again, this time behind the mic instead of on the stage. Specializing in commercial, narration, audio dramas, video games, and ADR/dubbing, but capable and willing to do so much more, Jeremy can bring life and emotion to your projects! Need a calming presence? He can do it! Looking for a tough guy to challenge your protagonist? He’s your guy! Want someone who can bring energy to your corporate messaging? He can 100% deliver!

Raised in Las Vegas and now residing in the Seattle area, his neutral American accent serves as a baseline to his baritone pipes. When not sitting in his professional quality booth, living his dream, he’s spending time with his high school sweetheart, their two boys (both of whom are cutting their teeth in the VO world) and their sweet pup, Egon.

Please reach out to see how we can work together and create something truly engaging!




  • @kaboomproductions

    OldBobFett is a fast responder, very easy to work with, and had very positive interactions. He delivered his voices quickly, and would do retakes if requested. I highly recommend OldBobFett to anyone else.

  • @sayhalogoodbye

    Jeremy has an excellent quality of voice for radio or podcasts.  Love the sound of his voice, and he delivered fantastic takes! 

  • @ross-k

    I have worked alongside Jeremy twice now. Namely, The Most Wanted animated web series and a Donald Duck comic motion dub. Great VA. Very game. Personable and professional from what I have heard thus far. 

  • @justin-hollobaugh

    I have had the opportunity to work with Jeremy on a number of my projects. He has voiced various characters and each with a distinguishing voice. He is motivated to deliver the best he can and it shows in the quality of audio that he delivers. It can be difficult to find a VA that has a good quality recording space and mic; this is huge when producing a project. He is always timely with his submissions and takes instruction well. It's been a pleasure to work with Jeremy and I cannot recommend him enough.

  • @Wyatt_bowden314

    Jeremy is such a talented actor. From the get-go I knew he had a talented voice but what really shocked me was his capacity and drive to work. I love meeting more people like me who are passionate about their talent and are hungry to work. He is a true joy to work with and is never afraid to ask questions to make sure he's got it right. 

  • @kiirby-mariee

    This guy is quite something! I've worked on a few projects with Jeremy and he's such an amazing person to work with! He's very talented, very responsible, such a nice and kind person. We always have such great communication and he's always willing to be extra helpful. Not only that but he has saved me from a few panic attacks when things go south during production. He performs so well and delivers nice, clean, and clear audio. You can tell that he pours his heart, soul and passion into the projects and I have the upmost faith that he'll be a big and incredible voice actor in the future. I highly recommend you to work with him!

  • @otellino

    I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy on my Fallout 4 project "America Rising 2 - Legacy of the Enclave" where he played the challenging role of a soldier being interrogated. He was absolutely phenomenal in the role, delivering a chilling performance that matched the circumstances perfectly, with excellent audio quality. I'd love to work with him again and would happily recommend him to anyone.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    Where do I even begin? Jeremy is AMAZING! He played a crazed Vagrant in my Fallout New Vegas mod, and went above and beyond for this role. From his voice to his emotional delivery to his vehement threats. IT. WAS. PERFECT! His delivery was perfect, his turnaround rate was perfect, his attitude is perfect. Everything about this guy is perfect, and a proper fit for any team or project he joins. I look forward to seeing what the future brings to the table for Mr. Jeremy!