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About Ryusuke

I am a voice over actor that is based in the Sacramento area. I have received training for acting and singing at Sacramento City College since the end of 2015. But, I have been involved with the online voice acting community as a hobby since 2009, participating in a handful of original projects as well as many hobby projects. 

I've also been mentored by SakasaJinei for sound mixing back in 2009 and have years of experience of it, making various projects. 

For now, this voice acting thing is just a hobby that I do alongside with real life shenanigans. But, being able to do this professionally is the dream.

Youtube: WrBlPro
Twitter: SumRGuy
Discord: ThatRGuy

Sacramento City College - 2015


Instructed by
Sacramento City College - 2015


Instructed by

For paid projects, $0.50 per spoken word, $1.50 per yelled word

What Ryusuke is looking for

I would love to be in video games and animation, but I'm willing to work on just about everything except NSFW stuff. I hope to continue to expand my experience. But I did join Casting Call Club solely for finding people for my own projects.

  • @justin-hollobaugh

    I had the opportunity to work with Ryusuke as a voice actor on his project, "Kingdom Hearts 3 - Toy Story Reveal Cutscenes". Not only was he professional and approachable, but he was also quick to respond to any and all correspondence. The final production of "Kingdom Hearts 3 - Toy Story Reveal Cutscenes" clearly demonstrated the love and passion he has for his work. I was very impressed with his work...he is a very talented producer/director/editor.

  • @thesamigirl101

    I was casted as Boo and Ariel in the KH3 D23 2018 Trailer Fandub; It was my first time auditioning on casting call and I was unfamiliar with the site as a whole. Even after I submitted my audition,I was worried that my submission style wouldn't work out,so I was afraid I would need to drop out of the audition. But ryusuke reassured me that everything was alright with the way I would submit things and even gave me some advice on how to reduce my reverb issue.
    After I was cast,he continued to help me out and overall be a supporting director. He was the perfect director for my first time auditioning and working in a large cast as apposed to a small cast or solo projects.
    I would definitely recommend him for large and small projects,as well as being a good director for VAs who are still new to the world of collaborating like I was.

  • @deleted111484

    Ryoma is the one of the most eager, kind, and hard working voice over talent I've ever worked with in my entire time of voice over. Gets his lines on time,and with maximum effort. Will always go back to him when I need a good voice over talent!

  • @deleted416447

    Ryusuke is professional, gives good direction, and a pleasure to work with. Everything you would want in a project creator. I highly recommend!