I use voice acting as an excuse to yell a lot

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About Juan_Sancheese

Hello, my name is Juan A. Sanchez and I am an aspiring voice actor, but I wanted to take my hand at making a series that I've had in my mind for a while. I think it has potential and nothing is set in stone as I am writing it and I like hearing other people's ideas. A little bit about myself is that I like playing TTRPGs like DND and I'm even currently a DM for a campaign. I'm working towards a business major and I hope to use that to tell stories and be a part of them. I will be looking forward to working with anyone on my projects or on yours. 


Whatever the role I'm auditioning for is offering

What Juan_Sancheese is looking for

I usually prefer working on original projects and comic dubs, but usually if it's a part that has me yell I would want to do it.

  • @chelseaqueen94

    Absolutely great! Delivered lines timely and was wonderful! 

  • @benedictkapustin

    This actor definitely deserves attention. His voice sounds clear and emotional, voicing even unusual roles. In general, without further ado - 10/10. You will be satisfied working with him, as I am.

  • @redrageknight

    Me and Juan found ended up meeting up again on a project we were both assigned voice work for. And although the project has not been officially released as of the time of writing this, I can tell he is truly talented. The quality of his voice lines were top-notch and I genuinely think he can make a big name for himself in the world. 

  • @xRevvy

    Juan was awesome to work with! He was very active, got his lines in quickly, and did multiple takes which were all amazing! I would highly recommend him on any projects you have, he was a delight to work with!

  • @sarynthiagallegos16

    Super fun to work with! Always ready to work! Very active! Super nice and alwats turns stuff in on time! :) I really recommend him!

  • @mushroomflabs

    I just got done directing some lines with Juan and I must say he has a passion for the craft. I would highly recommend him for his willingness to redo lines when needed, and his ability to truly shout lines (a skill which I find rare in many voice actors). Highly dependable voice actor who will help get your project off the floor. 

  • @jecka

    knows the best kind of cheddar

  • @artsytheartist

    I just started working with Juan, and already see a spark in his work. He’s definitely going places in life. I totally recommend hiring him on a project. He deserves it.

  • @elleon_pastelle

    Juan is great to work with. I've had the privilege of being in projects with him and a project directed and written by him. He's encouraging, honest, and helpful. Not only that but he's also extremely talented. He can voice old men, rowdy teenage boys, fearsome monsters, and calculating antagonists. Not to mention he can do a hell of an anime protagonist power yell. Juan is reliable and awesome and you'd get your money's worth hiring him.

  • @crowe31500

    Juan's a Great Guy, Great Director, and Great VA. I voiced in some of his videos and had so much fun working with him. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Juan, because I believe that its gotta be something EPIC.

  • @hellisio

    Juan lent his voice for one of my project (Makoto's voice)

    He's serious, fast and doesn't hesitate to record some lines when it's necessary. It was really good work and I hope be able to work with you soon!

  • @graveyard-dubs

    Juan is an amazing voice actor, and it was a pleasure to have him on board with my small project. He follows directions with ease and nails the character with no issue, and all of the lines are turned in on time. If you're in need of a voice actor who is easy to work with and goes above and beyond, look no further! Thank you for being a part of the GRAVE☆YARD!

  • @dcooper

    I hope to work with Juan on some original projects someday. after listening to his auditions for my buddy Ryan ultimate mecha project. He has a lot of potential in this industry. 

  • @dizzyspot

    Juan is a very talented young VA. He always makes himself ready and available to voice your characters. He is very quick to respond. Highly recommend to work with him.