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If you wish to get in contact with me concerning VA work, you can either DM me here, Email or hit me up on Discord



What RedRageKnight is looking for

-Good Communication

-A Recommendation would very much be appreciated

  • @glitch101

    He can replicate the characteristics of a character's voice pretty well.

  • @cooper-p

    They were amazing to work with and delivered some amazing voices from my experiences with them.

  • @mantisboo

    bro this guy is awesome .D

  • @trashkan

    Red is a really chill guy, who is really easy to work with and he also has a  unique voice range from Evil Monsters to Heroic Protagonists he is a guy who can really bring your characters to life.

  • @jtabby

    Rage is a really good voice actor who can make a charachter come to life. 
    Bro balls 

  • @smashmaster

    RedRageKnight gave a phenomenal performance as Katsuya Jonouchi in my Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga Dub! He has an incredible range and nailed the delivery of his lines. He has also voiced Jaime Siu and a few extras for my Street Fighter 6 Comic Dubs! Awesome guy to work with. Hire this man!

  • @max-ate-a-chicken-nugget

    Rage was a absolute beast voicing Jonathan Davis in Guys! His performance perfectly captured the essence of the character .