Noelle Pennison

Noelle Pennison

Voice Actress. Contact through instagram or tiktok.  Insta:@elleonpastelle Tiktok:@elleon_pastelle Email: [email protected]

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About Noelle Pennison

Aspiring Voice Actress


$15 starting price per line(may increase depending on project)

What Noelle Pennison is looking for

I specifically enjoy working on anime voice over, web comics, as well as voicing original characters. My range extends to antagonists, adult women, young men, young women, small boys, small girls.

  • @juan_sancheese

    Noelle has a large range and a ton of potential, not many people can voice all the ages she can. The best way I can describe it is that she is the full package. Not only that but she is also a great conversationalist, she knows a lot about the medium.

  • @Wyatt_bowden314

    A wonderful actress with so much talent! I love getting to work with her and seeing what she does next with whatever I have given her. Truly a great talent to have with you on your project.

  • @Wyatt_bowden314

    Noelle and I met by pure happenstance. Oddly enough I found them on tiktok and found out they were also here. So I asked if they would join one project for me, then another, then another, and now I genuinely just cannot imagine not working with her. Noelle is passionate but also very fun and open to trying things to experiment. She's someone I really hope to hear make it far beyond me with their talents one day.